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Below is a list of each instrument listed on the ASX, the instrument name and the Industry.

360 - Life360 Inc. (Software & Services)

14D - 1414 Degrees Limited (Capital Goods)

1AD - Adalta Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

1AG - Alterra Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

1AL - Oneall International Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

1ST - 1St Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

2BE - Tubi Limited (Energy)

3DA - Amaero International Ltd (Capital Goods)

3DP - Pointerra Limited (Software & Services)

3PL - 3P Learning Limited.. (Consumer Services)

4CE - Force Commodities Limited (Materials)

4DS - 4Ds Memory Limited (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

5GN - 5G Networks Limited (Telecommunication Services)

88E - 88 Energy Limited (Energy)

8CO - 8Common Limited (Software & Services)

8EC - 8Ip Emerging Companies Limited (Not Applic)

8IH - 8I Holdings Ltd (Diversified Financials)

8VI - 8Vic Holdings Limited (Consumer Services)

9SP - 9 Spokes International Limited (Software & Services)

A1G - African Gold Ltd. (Materials)

A1M - Aic Mines Limited (Materials)

A2B - A2B Australia Limited (Transportation)

A2M - The A2 Milk Company Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

A3D - Aurora Labs Limited (Capital Goods)

A40 - Alita Resources Limited (Materials)

A4N - Alpha Hpa Limited (Materials)

AAC - Australian Agricultural Company Limited. (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

AAJ - Aruma Resources Limited (Materials)

AAP - Australian Agricultural Projects Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

AAR - Anglo Australian Resources Nl (Materials)

AB1 - Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (Media & Entertainment)

ABA - Auswide Bank Ltd (Banks)

ABC - Adelaide Brighton Limited (Materials)

ABL - Abilene Oil And Gas Limited (Energy)

ABP - Abacus Property Group (Real Estate)

ABR - American Pacific Borates Limited (Materials)

ABT - Abundant Produce Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

ABV - Advanced Braking Technology Ltd (Automobiles & Components)

ABW - Aurora Absolute Return Fund (Not Applic)

ABX - Australian Bauxite Limited. (Materials)

AC8 - Auscann Group Holdings Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ACB - A-Cap Energy Limited (Energy)

ACF - Acrow Formwork And Construction Services Limited (Capital Goods)

ACP - Audalia Resources Limited (Materials)

ACQ - Acorn Capital Investment Fund Limited (Not Applic)

ACR - Acrux Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ACS - Accent Resources Nl (Materials)

ACU - Acumentis Group Limited (Real Estate)

ACW - Actinogen Medical Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AD1 - Ad1 Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

AD8 - Audinate Group Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

ADA - Adacel Technologies Limited (Software & Services)

ADD - Adavale Resources Limited (Energy)

ADH - Adairs Limited (Retailing)

ADI - Apn Industria Reit (Real Estate)

ADJ - Adslot Ltd (Software & Services)

ADN - Andromeda Metals Limited (Materials)

ADO - Anteotech Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ADR - Adherium Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ADT - Adriatic Metals Plc (Materials)

ADV - Ardiden Ltd (Materials)

ADX - Adx Energy Ltd (Energy)

ADY - Admiralty Resources Nl. (Materials)

AEB - Affinity Energy And Health Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AEE - Aura Energy Limited (Energy)

AEF - Australian Ethical Investment Limited (Diversified Financials)

AEG - Absolute Equity Performance Fund Limited (Not Applic)

AEI - Aeris Environmental Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

AER - Aeeris Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

AEV - Avenira Limited (Materials)

AF1 - Afg 2019-2 Trust In Respect Of Series 2019-2 (Not Applic)

AFA - Asf Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

AFG - Australian Finance Group Ltd (Banks)

AFI - Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

AFL - Af Legal Group Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

AFP - Aft Pharmaceuticals Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AFR - African Energy Resources Limited (Energy)

AFT - Aft Corporation Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

AGD - Austral Gold Limited (Materials)

AGE - Alligator Energy Limited (Energy)

AGG - Anglogold Ashanti Limited (Materials)

AGH - Althea Group Holdings Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AGI - Ainsworth Game Technology Limited (Consumer Services)

AGJ - Agricultural Land Trust (Real Estate)

AGL - Agl Energy Limited. (Utilities)

AGM - Australian Governance & Ethical Index Fund (Not Applic)

AGR - Aguia Resources Limited (Materials)

AGS - Alliance Resources Limited (Materials)

AGY - Argosy Minerals Limited (Materials)

AHF - Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

AHK - Ark Mines Limited (Materials)

AHL - Ahalife Holdings Limited (Retailing)

AHN - Athena Resources Limited (Materials)

AHQ - Allegiance Coal Limited (Materials)

AHX - Apiam Animal Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

AHY - Asaleo Care Limited (Household & Personal Products)

AHZ - Admedus Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

AIA - Auckland International Airport Limited (Transportation)

AIB - Aurora Global Income Trust (Not Applic)

AIQ - Alternative Investment Trust (Not Applic)

AIR - Astivita Limited (Capital Goods)

AIS - Aeris Resources Limited (Materials)

AIV - Activex Limited (Materials)

AIY - Authorised Investment Fund Limited (Not Applic)

AIZ - Air New Zealand Limited (Transportation)

AJC - Acacia Coal Limited (Energy)

AJJ - Asian American Medical Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

AJL - Aj Lucas Group Limited (Capital Goods)

AJM - Altura Mining Limited (Materials)

AJQ - Armour Energy Limited (Energy)

AJX - Alexium International Group Limited (Materials)

AJY - Asaplus Resources Limited (Materials)

AKG - Academies Australasia Group Limited (Consumer Services)

AKM - Aspire Mining Limited (Materials)

AKN - Auking Mining Limited (Materials)

AKP - Audio Pixels Holdings Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

AL3 - Aml3D Limited (Class Pend)

AL8 - Alderan Resources Limited (Materials)

ALC - Alcidion Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ALF - Australian Leaders Fund Limited (Not Applic)

ALG - Ardent Leisure Group Limited (Consumer Services)

ALI - Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited (Not Applic)

ALK - Alkane Resources Limited (Materials)

ALL - Aristocrat Leisure Limited (Consumer Services)

ALQ - Als Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

ALT - Analytica Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ALU - Altium Limited (Software & Services)

ALX - Atlas Arteria (Transportation)

ALY - Alchemy Resources Limited (Materials)

AMA - Ama Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

AMB - Ambition Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

AMC - Amcor Plc (Materials)

AMD - Arrow Minerals Ltd (Materials)

AME - Alto Metals Limited (Materials)

AMG - Ausmex Mining Group Limited (Materials)

AMH - Amcil Limited (Not Applic)

AMI - Aurelia Metals Limited (Materials)

AML - Aeon Metals Limited. (Materials)

AMN - Agrimin Limited (Materials)

AMO - Ambertech Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

AMP - Amp Limited (Diversified Financials)

AMS - Atomos Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

AMT - Allegra Orthopaedics Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

AMX - Aerometrex Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

ANA - Ansila Energy Nl (Energy)

ANG - Austin Engineering Limited (Capital Goods)

ANL - Amani Gold Limited (Materials)

ANN - Ansell Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ANO - Advance Nanotek Limited (Materials)

ANP - Antisense Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ANR - Anatara Lifesciences Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ANS - Austsino Resources Group Limited (Materials)

ANV - Ausnet Services Holdings Pty Ltd (Not Applic)

ANW - Aus Tin Mining Ltd (Materials)

ANZ - Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited (Banks)

AO1 - Assetowl Limited (Software & Services)

AO2 - Apollo Series 2017-2 Trust (Not Applic)

AO3 - Apollo Series 2018-1 Trust (Not Applic)

AOA - Ausmon Resources Limited (Materials)

AOF - Australian Unity Office Fund (Real Estate)

AOJ - Apollo Series 2010-1 Trust (Not Applic)

AOL - Apollo Series 2015-1 Trust (Not Applic)

AON - Apollo Minerals Limited (Materials)

AOP - Apollo Consolidated Limited (Materials)

AOR - Apollo Series 2013-1 Trust (Not Applic)

AOU - Auroch Minerals Ltd (Materials)

AOW - American Patriot Oil & Gas Limited (Energy)

APA - Apa Group (Utilities)

APC - Australian Potash Limited (Materials)

APD - Apn Property Group (Diversified Financials)

APE - Ap Eagers Limited (Retailing)

APG - Austpac Resources Nl (Materials)

APH - Australian Primary Hemp Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

API - Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

APL - Antipodes Global Investment Company Ltd (Not Applic)

APT - Afterpay Limited (Software & Services)

APV - Appsvillage Australia Limited (Software & Services)

APW - Aims Property Securities Fund (Real Estate)

APX - Appen Limited (Software & Services)

APZ - Aspen Group (Real Estate)

AQC - Australian Pacific Coal Limited (Materials)

AQD - Ausquest Limited (Materials)

AQG - Alacer Gold Corp. (Materials)

AQI - Alicanto Minerals Limited (Materials)

AQR - Apn Convenience Retail Reit (Real Estate)

AQS - Aquis Entertainment Limited (Consumer Services)

AQX - Alice Queen Limited (Materials)

AQZ - Alliance Aviation Services Limited (Transportation)

AR1 - Armnet Limited (Class Pend)

AR9 - Archtis Limited (Software & Services)

ARA - Ariadne Australia Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

ARB - Arb Corporation Limited. (Automobiles & Components)

ARC - Australian Rural Capital Limited (Diversified Financials)

ARD - Argent Minerals Limited (Materials)

ARE - Argonaut Resources Nl (Materials)

ARF - Arena Reit. (Real Estate)

ARG - Argo Investments Limited (Not Applic)

ARL - Ardea Resources Limited (Materials)

ARM - Aurora Minerals Limited (Materials)

ARN - Aldoro Resources Limited (Materials)

ARO - Astro Resources Nl (Materials)

ARQ - Arq Group Limited (Software & Services)

ARS - Alt Resources Limited (Materials)

ARU - Arafura Resources Limited (Materials)

ARV - Artemis Resources Limited (Materials)

AS1 - Angel Seafood Holdings Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

ASB - Austal Limited (Capital Goods)

ASG - Autosports Group Limited. (Retailing)

ASH - Ashley Services Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

ASN - Anson Resources Limited (Materials)

ASP - Aspermont Limited. (Media & Entertainment)

ASQ - Australian Silica Quartz Group Ltd (Materials)

AST - Ausnet Services Limited (Utilities)

ASW - Advanced Share Registry Limited (Diversified Financials)

ASX - Asx Limited (Diversified Financials)

ATB - Asian Development Bank (Not Applic)

ATC - Altech Chemicals Ltd (Materials)

ATH - Alterity Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ATL - Apollo Tourism & Leisure Ltd (Automobiles & Components)

ATM - Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk (Pt) (Materials)

ATP - Atlas Pearls Ltd (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

ATR - Astron Corporation Limited (Materials)

ATS - Australis Oil & Gas Limited (Energy)

ATU - Atrum Coal Limited (Materials)

ATX - Amplia Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AU1 - The Agency Group Australia Ltd (Real Estate)

AU8 - Aumake International Limited (Retailing)

AUB - Aub Group Limited (Insurance)

AUC - Ausgold Limited (Materials)

AUH - Austchina Holdings Limited (Energy)

AUI - Australian United Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

AUL - Austar Gold Limited (Materials)

AUP - Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust (Not Applic)

AUQ - Alara Resources Limited (Materials)

AUR - Auris Minerals Limited (Materials)

AUT - Auteco Minerals Ltd (Materials)

AUZ - Australian Mines Limited (Materials)

AV1 - Adveritas Limited (Software & Services)

AVA - Ava Risk Group Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

AVC - Auctus Alternative Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

AVE - Avecho Biotechnology Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AVG - Australian Vintage Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

AVH - Avita Medical Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

AVJ - Avjennings Limited (Real Estate)

AVL - Australian Vanadium Limited (Materials)

AVN - Aventus Group (Real Estate)

AVQ - Axiom Mining Limited (Materials)

AVW - Avira Resources Ltd (Materials)

AVZ - Avz Minerals Limited (Materials)

AWC - Alumina Limited (Materials)

AWN - Arowana International Limited (Capital Goods)

AWV - Anova Metals Limited (Materials)

AWY - Australian Whisky Holdings Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

AX1 - Accent Group Limited (Retailing)

AX8 - Accelerate Resources Limited (Materials)

AXE - Archer Materials Limited (Materials)

AXI - Axiom Properties Limited (Real Estate)

AXL - A.C.N. 603 323 182 Limited (Diversified Financials)

AXT - Argo Exploration Limited (Materials)

AYF - Australian Enhanced Income Fund (Not Applic)

AYI - A1 Investments & Resources Ltd (Diversified Financials)

AYM - Australia United Mining Limited (Materials)

AYR - Alloy Resources Limited (Materials)

AYS - Amaysim Australia Limited (Telecommunication Services)

AYU - Australian Unity Limited (Not Applic)

AZI - Alta Zinc Limited (Materials)

AZJ - Aurizon Holdings Limited (Transportation)

AZS - Azure Minerals Limited (Materials)

AZT - Azure Health Technology Limited (Software & Services)

AZV - Azure Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

AZY - Antipa Minerals Limited (Materials)

B2Y - Bounty Mining Limited (Materials)

BAF - Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited (Not Applic)

BAP - Bapcor Limited (Retailing)

BAR - Barra Resources Limited (Materials)

BAS - Bass Oil Limited (Energy)

BAT - Battery Minerals Limited (Materials)

BBC - Bnk Banking Corporation Limited (Banks)

BBL - Brisbane Broncos Limited (Media & Entertainment)

BBN - Baby Bunting Group Limited (Retailing)

BBX - Bbx Minerals Limited (Materials)

BC8 - Black Cat Syndicate Limited (Materials)

BCB - Bowen Coking Coal Limited (Materials)

BCC - Beam Communications Holdings Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

BCI - Bci Minerals Limited (Materials)

BCK - Brockman Mining Limited (Materials)

BCL - Bunji Corporation Limited (Energy)

BCN - Beacon Minerals Limited (Materials)

BCT - Bluechiip Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

BD1 - Bard1 Life Sciences Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

BDA - Bod Australia Limited (Retailing)

BDC - Bardoc Gold Limited (Materials)

BDG - Black Dragon Gold Corp. (Materials)

BDI - Blina Minerals Nl (Materials)

BEE - Broo Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

BEL - Bentley Capital Limited (Not Applic)

BEM - Blackearth Minerals Nl (Materials)

BEN - Bendigo And Adelaide Bank Limited (Banks)

BET - Betmakers Technology Group Ltd (Consumer Services)

BFC - Beston Global Food Company Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

BFG - Bell Financial Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

BGA - Bega Cheese Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

BGL - Bellevue Gold Limited (Materials)

BGP - Briscoe Group Australasia Limited (Retailing)

BGT - Bio-Gene Technology Ltd (Materials)

BHD - Benjamin Hornigold Limited (Not Applic)

BHL - Boyuan Holdings Limited (Real Estate)

BHP - Bhp Group Limited (Materials)

BID - Bidenergy Limited (Software & Services)

BIN - Bingo Industries Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

BIQ - Buildingiq, Inc (Software & Services)

BIR - Bir Financial Limited (Diversified Financials)

BIS - Bisalloy Steel Group Limited (Materials)

BIT - Biotron Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

BKI - Bki Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

BKL - Blackmores Limited (Household & Personal Products)

BKT - Black Rock Mining Limited (Materials)

BKW - Brickworks Limited (Materials)

BKY - Berkeley Energia Limited (Energy)

BLA - Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

BLD - Boral Limited. (Materials)

BLG - Bluglass Limited (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

BLK - Blackham Resources Limited (Materials)

BLT - Benitec Biopharma Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

BLU - Blue Energy Limited. (Energy)

BLV - Blossomvale Holdings Ltd (Energy)

BLX - Beacon Lighting Group Limited (Retailing)

BLY - Boart Longyear Limited (Materials)

BLZ - Blaze International Limited (Energy)

BMG - Bmg Resources Limited (Materials)

BMH - Baumart Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

BMN - Bannerman Resources Limited (Energy)

BNL - Big Star Energy Limited (Energy)

BNO - Bionomics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

BNR - Bulletin Resources Limited (Materials)

BOA - Boadicea Resources Limited (Materials)

BOC - Bougainville Copper Limited (Materials)

BOE - Boss Resources Limited (Materials)

BOL - Boom Logistics Limited (Capital Goods)

BOQ - Bank Of Queensland Limited. (Banks)

BOT - Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

BPH - Bph Energy Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

BPL - Broken Hill Prospecting Limited (Materials)

BPP - Babylon Pump & Power Limited (Capital Goods)

BPT - Beach Energy Limited (Energy)

BRB - Breaker Resources Nl (Materials)

BRG - Breville Group Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

BRI - Big River Industries Limited (Materials)

BRK - Brookside Energy Limited (Energy)

BRL - Bathurst Resources Limited. (Materials)

BRN - Brainchip Holdings Ltd (Software & Services)

BRU - Buru Energy Limited (Energy)

BRV - Big River Gold Ltd (Materials)

BSA - Bsa Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

BSE - Base Resources Limited (Materials)

BSL - Bluescope Steel Limited (Materials)

BSM - Bass Metals Ltd (Materials)

BSP - Black Star Petroleum Limited (Energy)

BSR - Bassari Resources Limited (Materials)

BSX - Blackstone Minerals Limited (Materials)

BTC - Btc Health Ltd (Not Applic)

BTH - Bigtincan Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

BTI - Bailador Technology Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

BUB - Bubs Australia Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

BUD - Buddy Technologies Ltd (Software & Services)

BUG - Buderim Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

BUX - Buxton Resources Limited (Materials)

BUY - Bounty Oil & Gas Nl (Energy)

BVS - Bravura Solutions Limited. (Software & Services)

BWF - Blackwall Limited (Diversified Financials)

BWP - Bwp Trust (Real Estate)

BWR - Blackwall Property Trust (Real Estate)

BWX - Bwx Limited (Household & Personal Products)

BXB - Brambles Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

BXN - Bioxyne Limited (Household & Personal Products)

BYE - Byron Energy Limited (Energy)

BYH - Bryah Resources Limited (Materials)

BYI - Beyond International Limited (Media & Entertainment)

C6C - Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (Materials)

CA8 - Coassets Limited. (Diversified Financials)

CAA - Capral Limited (Materials)

CAD - Caeneus Minerals Ltd (Materials)

CAE - Cannindah Resources Limited (Materials)

CAF - Centrepoint Alliance Limited (Diversified Financials)

CAG - Cape Range Ltd (Software & Services)

CAI - Calidus Resources Limited (Materials)

CAJ - Capitol Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CAM - Clime Capital Limited (Not Applic)

CAN - Cann Group Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CAP - Carpentaria Resources Ltd (Materials)

CAQ - Caq Holdings Limited (Real Estate)

CAR - Carsales.Com Limited. (Media & Entertainment)

CAT - Catapult Group International Ltd (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

CAU - Cronos Australia Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CAV - Carnavale Resources Limited (Materials)

CAY - Canyon Resources Limited (Materials)

CAZ - Cazaly Resources Limited (Materials)

CBA - Commonwealth Bank Of Australia. (Banks)

CBE - Cobre Limited (Materials)

CBR - Carbon Revolution Limited (Automobiles & Components)

CBY - Canterbury Resources Limited (Materials)

CCA - Change Financial Limited (Software & Services)

CCB - China Construction Bank Corporation (Not Applic)

CCE - Carnegie Clean Energy Limited (Utilities)

CCG - Commschoice Group Limited (Software & Services)

CCJ - County International Limited (Energy)

CCL - Coca-Cola Amatil Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

CCP - Credit Corp Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

CCV - Cash Converters International (Diversified Financials)

CCX - City Chic Collective Limited (Retailing)

CCZ - Castillo Copper Limited (Materials)

CD1 - Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund I (Not Applic)

CD2 - Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund Ii (Not Applic)

CD3 - Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund Iii (Not Applic)

CDA - Codan Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

CDD - Cardno Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

CDH - Chongherr Investments Ltd (Materials)

CDM - Cadence Capital Limited (Not Applic)

CDP - Carindale Property Trust (Real Estate)

CDT - Castle Minerals Limited (Materials)

CDV - Cardinal Resources Limited (Materials)

CDX - Cardiex Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CDY - Cellmid Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CE1 - Calima Energy Limited (Energy)

CEL - Challenger Exploration Limited (Energy)

CEN - Contact Energy Limited (Utilities)

CFE - Cape Lambert Resources Limited (Materials)

CFO - Cfoam Limited (Capital Goods)

CG1 - Carbonxt Group Limited (Materials)

CGA - Contango Asset Management Limited (Diversified Financials)

CGB - Cann Global Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CGC - Costa Group Holdings Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

CGF - Challenger Limited (Diversified Financials)

CGL - The Citadel Group Limited (Software & Services)

CGM - Cougar Metals Nl (Materials)

CGN - Crater Gold Mining Limited (Materials)

CGO - Cpt Global Limited (Software & Services)

CGR - Cml Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

CGS - Cogstate Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CHC - Charter Hall Group (Real Estate)

CHJ - Challenger Millennium Series 2007-1E Trust (Not Applic)

CHK - Cohiba Minerals Limited (Materials)

CHN - Chalice Gold Mines Limited (Materials)

CHU - Challenger Millennium Series 2007-2L Trust (Not Applic)

CHZ - Chesser Resources Limited (Materials)

CI1 - Credit Intelligence Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

CIA - Champion Iron Limited (Materials)

CIE - Contango Income Generator Limited (Not Applic)

CII - Ci Resources Limited (Materials)

CIM - Cimic Group Limited (Capital Goods)

CIN - Carlton Investments Limited (Not Applic)

CIO - Connected Io Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

CIP - Centuria Industrial Reit (Real Estate)

CIW - Clime Investment Management Ltd (Diversified Financials)

CKA - Cokal Limited (Materials)

CKF - Collins Foods Limited (Consumer Services)

CL1 - Class Limited (Software & Services)

CL8 - Collaborate Corporation Limited (Retailing)

CLA - Celsius Resources Limited. (Materials)

CLB - Candy Club Holdings Limited (Food & Staples Retailing)

CLF - Concentrated Leaders Fund Limited (Not Applic)

CLH - Collection House Limited (Diversified Financials)

CLI - Croplogic Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

CLQ - Clean Teq Holdings Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

CLT - Cellnet Group Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

CLV - Clover Corporation Limited (Materials)

CLW - Charter Hall Long Wale Reit (Real Estate)

CLX - Cti Logistics Limited (Transportation)

CLZ - Classic Minerals Ltd (Materials)

CM1 - Coolgardie Minerals Limited (Materials)

CM8 - Crowd Media Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

CMC - China Magnesium Corporation Limited (Materials)

CMD - Cassius Mining Limited (Materials)

CML - Chase Mining Corporation Limited (Materials)

CMM - Capricorn Metals Ltd (Materials)

CMP - Compumedics Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CMW - Cromwell Property Group (Real Estate)

CNB - Carnaby Resources Limited (Materials)

CNI - Centuria Capital Group (Diversified Financials)

CNJ - Conico Ltd (Materials)

CNL - Celamin Holdings Limited (Materials)

CNU - Chorus Limited (Telecommunication Services)

CNW - Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

COB - Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (Materials)

COE - Cooper Energy Limited (Energy)

COF - Centuria Office Reit (Real Estate)

COG - Consolidated Operations Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

COH - Cochlear Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

COI - Comet Ridge Limited (Energy)

COL - Coles Group Limited. (Food & Staples Retailing)

COO - Corum Group Limited (Software & Services)

COS - Cosol Limited (Software & Services)

COY - Coppermoly Limited (Materials)

CP1 - Cannpal Animal Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CPH - Creso Pharma Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CPT - Cipherpoint Limited (Software & Services)

CPU - Computershare Limited. (Software & Services)

CPV - Clearvue Technologies Limited (Capital Goods)

CQE - Charter Hall Social Infrastructure Reit (Real Estate)

CQR - Charter Hall Retail Reit (Real Estate)

CR1 - Constellation Resources Limited (Materials)

CRB - Carbine Resources Limited (Materials)

CRL - Comet Resources Limited (Materials)

CRM - Carbon Minerals Limited (Energy)

CRN - Coronado Global Resources Inc. (Materials)

CRO - Cirralto Limited (Software & Services)

CRS - Caprice Resources Ltd (Materials)

CSD - Consolidated Tin Mines Limited (Materials)

CSE - Copper Strike Limited (Materials)

CSL - Csl Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CSR - Csr Limited (Materials)

CSS - Clean Seas Seafood Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

CST - Castile Resources Ltd (Class Pend)

CT1 - Ccp Technologies Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

CTD - Corporate Travel Management Limited (Consumer Services)

CTE - Cryosite Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CTM - Centaurus Metals Limited (Materials)

CTO - Citigold Corporation Limited (Materials)

CTP - Central Petroleum Limited (Energy)

CTX - Caltex Australia Limited (Energy)

CU1 - Crusade Abs Series 2016-1 Trust (Not Applic)

CU2 - Crusade Abs Series 2017-1 Trust (Not Applic)

CUE - Cue Energy Resources Limited (Energy)

CUL - Cullen Resources Limited (Materials)

CUP - Countplus Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

CUV - Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CUX - Crossland Strategic Metals Ltd (Materials)

CV1 - Cv Check Ltd (Software & Services)

CVC - Cvc Limited (Diversified Financials)

CVF - Contrarian Value Fund Limited (Not Applic)

CVL - Civmec Limited (Capital Goods)

CVN - Carnarvon Petroleum Limited (Energy)

CVS - Cervantes Corporation Limited (Materials)

CVV - Caravel Minerals Limited (Materials)

CVW - Clearview Wealth Limited (Diversified Financials)

CWL - Chant West Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

CWN - Crown Resorts Limited (Consumer Services)

CWP - Cedar Woods Properties Limited (Real Estate)

CWX - Carawine Resources Limited (Materials)

CWY - Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

CWZ - Cashwerkz Limited (Diversified Financials)

CXL - Calix Limited (Materials)

CXM - Centrex Metals Limited (Materials)

CXO - Core Lithium Ltd (Materials)

CXU - Cauldron Energy Limited (Energy)

CXX - Cradle Resources Limited (Materials)

CXZ - Connexion Telematics Ltd (Software & Services)

CY5 - Cygnus Gold Limited (Materials)

CYC - Cyclopharm Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

CYG - Coventry Group Limited (Capital Goods)

CYL - Catalyst Metals Limited (Materials)

CYM - Cyprium Metals Limited (Materials)

CYP - Cynata Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

CYQ - Cycliq Group Ltd (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

CZI - Cassini Resources Limited (Materials)

CZL - Consolidated Zinc Limited (Materials)

CZN - Corazon Mining Limited (Materials)

CZR - Coziron Resources Limited (Materials)

D13 - Department 13 International Ltd (Capital Goods)

D2O - Duxton Water Limited (Not Applic)

DA1 - Driver Australia Five Trust (Not Applic)

DAE - Driver Australia Three Trust (Not Applic)

DAF - Discovery Africa Limited (Materials)

DAM - Driver Australia Master Trust (Not Applic)

DAS - Driver Australia Six Trust (Not Applic)

DAU - Dampier Gold Limited (Materials)

DAV - Davenport Resources Limited (Materials)

DAZ - Driver Australia Four Trust (Not Applic)

DBF - Duxton Broadacre Farms Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

DCC - Digitalx Limited (Software & Services)

DCG - Decmil Group Limited (Capital Goods)

DCL - Domacom Limited (Diversified Financials)

DCN - Dacian Gold Limited (Materials)

DDD - 3D Resources Limited (Materials)

DDR - Dicker Data Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

DDT - Datadot Technology Limited (Automobiles & Components)

DEG - De Grey Mining Limited (Materials)

DEM - De.Mem Limited (Utilities)

DEV - Devex Resources Limited (Energy)

DFM - Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

DGF - Downer Group Finance Pty Limited (Not Applic)

DGH - Desane Group Holdings Limited (Real Estate)

DGO - Dgo Gold Limited (Materials)

DGR - Dgr Global Limited (Materials)

DHG - Domain Holdings Australia Limited. (Media & Entertainment)

DHR - Dark Horse Resources Limited (Materials)

DJW - Djerriwarrh Investments Limited (Not Applic)

DKM - Duketon Mining Limited (Materials)

DLC - Delecta Limited (Retailing)

DME - Dome Gold Mines Limited (Materials)

DMG - Dragon Mountain Gold Limited (Materials)

DMP - Domino'S Pizza Enterprises Limited (Consumer Services)

DNA - Donaco International Limited (Consumer Services)

DNK - Danakali Limited (Materials)

DOR - Doriemus Plc (Energy)

DOW - Downer Edi Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

DRE - Dreadnought Resources Ltd (Materials)

DRO - Droneshield Limited (Capital Goods)

DRX - Diatreme Resources Limited (Materials)

DSE - Dropsuite Limited (Software & Services)

DTC - Damstra Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

DTI - Dti Group Ltd (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

DTL - Data#3 Limited (Software & Services)

DTM - Dart Mining Nl (Materials)

DTR - Dateline Resources Limited (Materials)

DTS - Dragontail Systems Limited (Software & Services)

DTZ - Dotz Nano Limited (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

DUB - Dubber Corporation Limited (Software & Services)

DUI - Diversified United Investment Limited (Not Applic)

DVL - Dorsavi Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

DVN - Devine Limited (Real Estate)

DW8 - Digital Wine Ventures Limited (Retailing)

DWS - Dws Limited (Software & Services)

DXA - Caisse Francaise De Financement Local (Not Applic)

DXB - Dimerix Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

DXN - Dxn Limited (Software & Services)

DXS - Dexus (Real Estate)

DYL - Deep Yellow Limited (Energy)

E25 - Element 25 Limited (Materials)

E2E - Eon Nrg Limited (Energy)

E2M - E2 Metals Limited (Materials)

EAF - Evans & Partners Asia Fund (Not Applic)

EAI - Ellerston Asian Investments Limited (Not Applic)

EAS - Easton Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

EAX - Energy Action Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

EBG - Eumundi Group Limited (Consumer Services)

EBO - Ebos Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ECF - Elanor Commercial Property Fund (Real Estate)

ECG - Ecargo Holdings Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

ECL - Excelsior Capital Ltd (Capital Goods)

ECP - Ecp Emerging Growth Limited (Not Applic)

ECS - Ecs Botanics Holdings Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ECT - Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. (Commercial & Professional Services)

ECX - Eclipx Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

ED1 - Evans Dixon Limited (Diversified Financials)

EDC - Eildon Capital Limited (Diversified Financials)

EDE - Eden Innovations Ltd (Energy)

EEG - Empire Energy Group Limited (Energy)

EER - East Energy Resources Limited (Energy)

EFE - Eastern Iron Limited (Materials)

EFF - Evans & Partners Australian Flagship Fund (Not Applic)

EGD - Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund (Not Applic)

EGF - Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund (Not Applic)

EGG - Enero Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

EGH - Eureka Group Holdings Limited (Real Estate)

EGI - Ellerston Global Investments Limited (Not Applic)

EGL - Environmental Group Limited (The) (Capital Goods)

EGN - Engenco Limited (Capital Goods)

EGO - Empire Oil & Gas Nl (Energy)

EGR - Ecograf Limited (Materials)

EGY - Energy Technologies Limited (Capital Goods)

EHE - Estia Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

EHH - Eagle Health Holdings Limited (Household & Personal Products)

EHL - Emeco Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

EHX - Ehr Resources Limited (Materials)

ELD - Elders Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

ELE - Elmore Ltd (Materials)

ELK - Elk Petroleum Limited (Energy)

ELO - Elmo Software Limited (Software & Services)

ELS - Elsight Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

ELT - Elementos Limited (Materials)

ELX - Ellex Medical Lasers Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

EM1 - Emerge Gaming Limited (Media & Entertainment)

EM2 - Eagle Mountain Mining Limited (Materials)

EMB - Embelton Limited (Capital Goods)

EMD - Emerald Clinics Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

EME - Energy Metals Ltd (Energy)

EMH - European Metals Holdings Limited (Materials)

EMI - Emirates Nbd Pjsc (Not Applic)

EML - Eml Payments Limited (Software & Services)

EMN - Euro Manganese Inc (Materials)

EMP - Emperor Energy Limited (Energy)

EMR - Emerald Resources Nl (Materials)

EMT - Emetals Limited (Not Applic)

EMU - Emu Nl (Materials)

EMV - Emvision Medical Devices Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

EN1 - Engage:Bdr Limited (Media & Entertainment)

ENA - Ensurance Ltd (Insurance)

ENB - Eneabba Gas Limited (Utilities)

ENE - Enevis Limited (Capital Goods)

ENN - Elanor Investors Group (Consumer Services)

ENR - Encounter Resources Limited (Materials)

ENT - Enterprise Metals Limited (Materials)

ENX - Enegex Limited (Energy)

EOF - Ecofibre Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

EOL - Energy One Limited (Software & Services)

EOR - Eor Group Limited (Energy)

EOS - Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

EPD - Empired Ltd (Software & Services)

EPM - Eclipse Metals Limited. (Energy)

EQE - Equus Mining Limited (Materials)

EQT - Eqt Holdings Limited (Diversified Financials)

EQX - Equatorial Resources Limited (Materials)

ERA - Energy Resources Of Australia Limited (Energy)

ERF - Elanor Retail Property Fund (Real Estate)

ERG - Eneco Refresh Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

ERL - Empire Resources Limited (Materials)

ERM - Emmerson Resources Limited (Materials)

ERX - Exore Resources Ltd (Materials)

ESE - Esense-Lab Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ESH - Esports Mogul Limited (Media & Entertainment)

ESK - Etherstack Plc (Software & Services)

ESL - Eco Systems Ltd (Real Estate)

ESR - Estrella Resources Limited (Materials)

EUC - European Cobalt Ltd (Materials)

EUR - European Lithium Limited (Materials)

EVE - Eve Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

EVN - Evolution Mining Limited (Materials)

EVO - Evolve Education Group Limited (Consumer Services)

EVS - Envirosuite Limited (Software & Services)

EVT - Event Hospitality And Entertainment Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

EVZ - Evz Limited (Capital Goods)

EWC - Energy World Corporation Ltd (Utilities)

EX1 - Exopharm Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

EXL - Elixinol Global Limited (Household & Personal Products)

EXO - Ennox Group Ltd (Diversified Financials)

EXP - Experience Co Limited (Consumer Services)

EXR - Elixir Energy Limited (Energy)

EZL - Euroz Limited (Diversified Financials)

FAM - Family Insights Group Limited (Software & Services)

FAR - Far Limited (Energy)

FAU - First Au Limited (Materials)

FBR - Fbr Ltd (Capital Goods)

FBU - Fletcher Building Limited (Materials)

FCG - Frontier Capital Group Limited (Consumer Services)

FCL - Fineos Corporation Holdings Plc (Software & Services)

FCT - Firstwave Cloud Technology Limited (Software & Services)

FDM - Freedom Oil And Gas Ltd (Energy)

FDV - Frontier Digital Ventures Limited (Media & Entertainment)

FDX - Frontier Diamonds Ltd (Materials)

FE8 - Faster Enterprises Ltd (Real Estate)

FEI - Fe Investments Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

FEL - Fe Limited (Materials)

FEX - Fenix Resources Ltd (Materials)

FFC - Farmaforce Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

FFG - Fatfish Blockchain Limited (Diversified Financials)

FFI - Ffi Holdings Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FFL - Founders First Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FFR - Firefly Resources Limited (Materials)

FGG - Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

FGO - Flamingo Ai Limited (Software & Services)

FGR - First Graphene Limited (Materials)

FGX - Future Generation Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

FHS - Freehill Mining Limited. (Materials)

FID - Fiducian Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

FIG - Freedom Insurance Group Ltd (Insurance)

FIJ - Fiji Kava Limited (Household & Personal Products)

FIN - Fin Resources Limited (Materials)

FLC - Fluence Corporation Limited (Capital Goods)

FLN - Freelancer Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

FLT - Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (Consumer Services)

FM2 - Firstmac Mortgage Funding Trust No.4 Series 2-2019 (Not Applic)

FMG - Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (Materials)

FML - Focus Minerals Ltd (Materials)

FMS - Flinders Mines Limited (Materials)

FNP - Freedom Foods Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FNT - Frontier Resources Limited (Materials)

FOD - The Food Revolution Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FOR - Forager Australian Shares Fund (Not Applic)

FPC - Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund Ltd (Not Applic)

FPH - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

FPL - Fremont Petroleum Corporation Limited (Energy)

FPP - Fat Prophets Global Property Fund (Not Applic)

FRI - Finbar Group Limited (Real Estate)

FRM - Farm Pride Foods Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FRN - Fraser Range Metals Group Ltd (Materials)

FRX - Flexiroam Limited (Telecommunication Services)

FSA - Fsa Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

FSF - Fonterra Shareholders' Fund (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

FSG - Field Solutions Holdings Limited (Telecommunication Services)

FSI - Flagship Investments Limited (Not Applic)

FTC - Fintech Chain Limited (Software & Services)

FTT - Factor Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

FTZ - Fertoz Limited (Materials)

FUN - Funtastic Limited (Retailing)

FWD - Fleetwood Corporation Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

FXL - Flexigroup Limited (Diversified Financials)

FYI - Fyi Resources Limited (Materials)

FZO - Family Zone Cyber Safety Limited (Software & Services)

FZR - Fitzroy River Corporation Ltd (Energy)

G1A - Galena Mining Limited (Materials)

G88 - Golden Mile Resources Ltd (Materials)

GAL - Galileo Mining Ltd (Materials)

GAP - Gale Pacific Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

GAS - State Gas Limited (Energy)

GBE - Globe Metals & Mining Limited (Materials)

GBM - Gbm Gold Ltd (Materials)

GBP - Global Petroleum Limited (Energy)

GBR - Great Boulder Resources Limited (Materials)

GBZ - Gbm Resources Limited (Materials)

GC1 - Glennon Small Companies Limited (Not Applic)

GCI - Gryphon Capital Income Trust (Not Applic)

GCR - Golden Cross Resources Ltd (Materials)

GCY - Gascoyne Resources Limited (Materials)

GDF - Garda Property Group (Real Estate)

GDG - Generation Development Group Limited (Insurance)

GDI - Gdi Property Group (Real Estate)

GED - Golden Deeps Limited. (Materials)

GEM - G8 Education Limited (Consumer Services)

GES - Genesis Resources Limited (Materials)

GEV - Global Energy Ventures Limited (Energy)

GFI - Global Fortune Investment Limited (Materials)

GFL - Global Masters Fund Limited (Not Applic)

GGE - Grand Gulf Energy Limited (Energy)

GGG - Greenland Minerals Limited (Materials)

GGX - Gas2Grid Limited (Energy)

GIB - Gibb River Diamonds Limited (Materials)

GID - Gi Dynamics, Inc (Health Care Equipment & Services)

GLA - Gladiator Resources Limited (Materials)

GLB - Globe International Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

GLE - Glg Corp Ltd (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

GLH - Global Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

GLL - Galilee Energy Limited (Energy)

GLN - Galan Lithium Limited (Materials)

GLV - Global Oil & Gas Limited (Energy)

GMA - Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Limited (Banks)

GMC - Gulf Manganese Corporation Limited (Materials)

GMD - Genesis Minerals Limited (Materials)

GME - Gme Resources Limited (Materials)

GMG - Goodman Group (Real Estate)

GML - Gateway Mining Limited (Materials)

GMN - Gold Mountain Limited (Materials)

GMR - Golden Rim Resources Ltd (Materials)

GMV - G Medical Innovations Holdings Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

GNC - Graincorp Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

GNE - Genesis Energy Limited (Utilities)

GNG - Gr Engineering Services Limited (Materials)

GNM - Great Northern Minerals Limited (Materials)

GNX - Genex Power Limited (Utilities)

GO2 - The Go2 People Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

GOO - Gooroo Ventures Limited (Software & Services)

GOR - Gold Road Resources Limited (Materials)

GOW - Gowing Bros Limited (Diversified Financials)

GOZ - Growthpoint Properties Australia (Real Estate)

GPR - Geopacific Resources Ltd (Materials)

GPS - Gps Alliance Holdings Limited (Real Estate)

GPT - Gpt Group (Real Estate)

GPX - Graphex Mining Limited (Materials)

GRB - Gage Roads Brewing Co Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

GRL - Godolphin Resources Limited (Materials)

GRR - Grange Resources Limited. (Materials)

GRV - Greenvale Energy Limited (Energy)

GSM - Golden State Mining Limited (Materials)

GSN - Great Southern Mining Limited (Materials)

GSS - Genetic Signatures Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

GSW - Getswift Limited (Software & Services)

GTE - Great Western Exploration Limited. (Materials)

GTG - Genetic Technologies Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

GTK - Gentrack Group Limited (Software & Services)

GTN - Gtn Limited (Media & Entertainment)

GTR - Gti Resources Limited (Materials)

GUD - G.U.D. Holdings Limited (Automobiles & Components)

GUL - Gullewa Limited (Materials)

GVF - Global Value Fund Limited (Not Applic)

GWA - Gwa Group Limited. (Capital Goods)

GWR - Gwr Group Limited (Materials)

GXY - Galaxy Resources Limited (Materials)

HAS - Hastings Technology Metals Ltd (Materials)

HAV - Havilah Resources Limited (Materials)

HAW - Hawthorn Resources Limited (Materials)

HCD - Hydrocarbon Dynamics Limited (Energy)

HCH - Hot Chili Limited (Materials)

HCS - Hyundai Capital Services, Inc. (Not Applic)

HCT - Holista Colltech Limited (Household & Personal Products)

HE8 - Helios Energy Ltd (Energy)

HFR - Highfield Resources Limited (Materials)

HGH - Heartland Group Holdings Limited (Banks)

HGL - Hudson Investment Group Limited (Real Estate)

HGM - High Grade Metals Limited (Materials)

HGO - Hillgrove Resources Limited (Materials)

HHM - Hampton Hill Mining Nl (Materials)

HHY - Hhy Fund (Not Applic)

HIL - Hills Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

HIP - Hipo Resources Limited (Materials)

HIT - Hitech Group Australia Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

HLA - Healthia Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

HLO - Helloworld Travel Limited (Consumer Services)

HLS - Healius Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

HLX - Helix Resources Limited (Materials)

HM1 - Hearts And Minds Investments Limited (Not Applic)

HMC - Home Consortium (Real Estate)

HMD - Heramed Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

HMO - Hearmeout Limited (Software & Services)

HMX - Hammer Metals Limited (Materials)

HNG - Hgl Limited (Capital Goods)

HNR - Hannans Ltd (Materials)

HOG - Hawkley Oil And Gas Limited (Energy)

HOR - Horseshoe Metals Limited (Materials)

HOT - Hotcopper Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

HPI - Hotel Property Investments (Real Estate)

HPR - High Peak Royalties Limited (Energy)

HRL - Hrl Holdings Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

HRN - Horizon Gold Limited (Materials)

HRR - Heron Resources Limited (Materials)

HRZ - Horizon Minerals Limited (Materials)

HSC - Homestay Care Limited (Software & Services)

HSN - Hansen Technologies Limited (Software & Services)

HT1 - Ht&E Limited (Media & Entertainment)

HT8 - Harris Technology Group Limited (Retailing)

HTA - Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited (Telecommunication Services)

HTB - Series 2013-1 Harvey Trust (Not Applic)

HUB - Hub24 Limited (Diversified Financials)

HUO - Huon Aquaculture Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

HVM - Happy Valley Nutrition Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

HVN - Harvey Norman Holdings Limited (Retailing)

HWH - Houston We Have Limited (Software & Services)

HWK - Hawkstone Mining Limited (Materials)

HXG - Hexagon Energy Materials Limited (Materials)

HYD - Hydrix Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

HZN - Horizon Oil Limited (Energy)

HZR - Hazer Group Limited (Materials)

IAG - Insurance Australia Group Limited (Insurance)

IAM - Intiger Group Limited (Software & Services)

IAP - Investec Australia Property Fund (Real Estate)

IBC - Ironbark Capital Limited (Not Applic)

IBG - Ironbark Zinc Ltd (Materials)

IBX - Imagion Biosystems Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ICB - Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Limited (Not Applic)

ICE - Icetana Limited (Software & Services)

ICG - Inca Minerals Limited (Materials)

ICI - Icandy Interactive Limited (Media & Entertainment)

ICN - Icon Energy Limited (Energy)

ICQ - Icar Asia Limited (Retailing)

ICS - Icsglobal Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ICT - Icollege Limited (Consumer Services)

ICU - Isentric Limited. (Media & Entertainment)

ID8 - Identitii Limited (Software & Services)

IDA - Indiana Resources Limited (Materials)

IDH - Idol 2011-1 Trust (Not Applic)

IDJ - Idol 2011-2 Trust (Not Applic)

IDT - Idt Australia Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IDX - Integral Diagnostics Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

IDZ - Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited (Consumer Services)

IEC - Intra Energy Corporation Limited (Energy)

IEL - Idp Education Limited (Consumer Services)

IEQ - International Equities Corporation Limited. (Real Estate)

IFL - Ioof Holdings Limited (Diversified Financials)

IFM - Infomedia Ltd (Software & Services)

IFN - Infigen Energy (Utilities)

IFT - Infratil Limited. (Utilities)

IFX - International Finance Corporation (Not Applic)

IGE - Integrated Green Energy Solutions Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

IGL - Ive Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

IGN - Ignite Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

IGO - Igo Limited (Materials)

IHL - Impression Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

IHR - Intellihr Limited (Software & Services)

IKE - Ikegps Group Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

IKW - Ikwezi Mining Limited (Energy)

ILU - Iluka Resources Limited (Materials)

IMA - Image Resources Nl (Materials)

IMC - Immuron Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IMD - Imdex Limited (Materials)

IME - Imexhs Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

IMF - Imf Bentham Limited (Diversified Financials)

IMG - Interstar Millennium Series 2002-1G Trust (Not Applic)

IMK - Interstar Millennium Series 2004-2G Trust (Not Applic)

IMM - Immutep Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IMN - Interstar Millennium Series 2004-5 Trust (Not Applic)

IMO - Interstar Millennium Series 2005-2L Trust (Not Applic)

IMQ - Interstar Millennium Series 2004-1E Trust (Not Applic)

IMR - Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Health Care Equipment & Services)

IMS - Impelus Limited (Media & Entertainment)

IMU - Imugene Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IMX - Interstar Millennium Series 2003-3G Trust (Not Applic)

INA - Ingenia Communities Group (Real Estate)

INB - Interstar Millennium Series 2006-2G Trust (Not Applic)

INF - Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (Materials)

ING - Inghams Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

INH - Interstar Millennium Series 2006-4H Trust (Not Applic)

INN - Interstar Millennium Series 2006-3L Trust (Not Applic)

INP - Incentiapay Limited (Retailing)

INR - Ioneer Ltd (Materials)

INV - Investsmart Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

IOD - Iodm Limited (Software & Services)

IOT - Iot Group Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

IP1 - Integrated Payment Technologies Limited (Software & Services)

IPB - Ipb Petroleum Limited (Energy)

IPC - Imperial Pacific Limited (Diversified Financials)

IPD - Impedimed Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

IPH - Iph Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

IPL - Incitec Pivot Limited (Materials)

IPT - Impact Minerals Limited (Materials)

IQ3 - Iq3Corp Limited (Diversified Financials)

IRD - Iron Road Limited (Materials)

IRE - Iress Limited (Software & Services)

IRI - Integrated Research Limited (Software & Services)

IS3 - I Synergy Group Limited (Software & Services)

ISD - Isentia Group Limited (Software & Services)

ISU - Iselect Limited. (Consumer Services)

ISX - Isignthis Ltd (Software & Services)

ITG - Intega Group Limited (Capital Goods)

IVC - Invocare Limited (Consumer Services)

IVO - Invigor Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

IVQ - Invitrocue Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IVR - Investigator Resources Ltd (Materials)

IVT - Inventis Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

IVX - Invion Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IVZ - Invictus Energy Ltd (Energy)

IXC - Invex Therapeutics Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

IXU - Ixup Limited (Software & Services)

JAL - Jameson Resources Limited (Materials)

JAN - Janison Education Group Limited (Software & Services)

JAT - Jatenergy Limited (Retailing)

JAY - Jayride Group Limited (Retailing)

JBH - Jb Hi-Fi Limited (Retailing)

JCI - Jiancheng International Group Limited (Capital Goods)

JCS - Jcurve Solutions Ltd (Software & Services)

JDR - Jadar Resources Limited (Materials)

JHC - Japara Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

JHG - Janus Henderson Group Plc (Diversified Financials)

JHL - Jayex Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

JHX - James Hardie Industries Plc (Materials)

JIN - Jumbo Interactive Limited (Consumer Services)

JIP - Jack-In Group Limited (Capital Goods)

JJF - Jiajiafu Modern Agriculture Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

JKA - Jacka Resources Limited (Energy)

JLG - Johns Lyng Group Limited (Capital Goods)

JMS - Jupiter Mines Limited. (Materials)

JPR - Jupiter Energy Limited (Energy)

JRL - Jindalee Resources Limited (Materials)

JRV - Jervois Mining Limited (Materials)

JVG - Jv Global Limited (Capital Goods)

JXT - Jaxsta Ltd (Software & Services)

JYC - Joyce Corporation Ltd (Retailing)

K2F - K2Fly Limited (Software & Services)

KAI - Kairos Minerals Limited (Materials)

KAM - K2 Asset Management Holdings Ltd (Diversified Financials)

KAR - Karoon Energy Ltd (Energy)

KAS - Kasbah Resources Limited (Materials)

KAT - Katana Capital Limited (Not Applic)

KAU - Kaiser Reef Limited (Class Pend)

KBC - Keybridge Capital Limited (Diversified Financials)

KCN - Kingsgate Consolidated Limited. (Materials)

KEB - Keb Hana Bank (Not Applic)

KEY - Key Petroleum Limited (Energy)

KFE - Kogi Iron Limited (Materials)

KFW - Kfw (Not Applic)

KGD - Kula Gold Limited (Materials)

KGL - Kgl Resources Limited (Materials)

KGM - Kalnorth Gold Mines Limited (Materials)

KGN - Kogan.Com Ltd (Retailing)

KI1 - Kingfisher Trust 2019-1 (Not Applic)

KIG - Kingfisher Trust 2016-1 (Not Applic)

KIN - Kin Mining Nl (Materials)

KIS - King Island Scheelite Limited (Materials)

KKC - Kkr Credit Income Fund (Not Applic)

KKL - Kollakorn Corporation Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

KKO - Kinetiko Energy Ltd (Energy)

KLA - Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd (Materials)

KLL - Kalium Lakes Limited (Materials)

KLO - Kingsland Global Ltd (Real Estate)

KLR - Kaili Resources Limited (Energy)

KMD - Kathmandu Holdings Limited (Retailing)

KME - Kip Mcgrath Education Centres Limited (Consumer Services)

KMT - Kopore Metals Limited (Materials)

KNH - Koon Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

KNM - Kneomedia Limited (Media & Entertainment)

KNO - Knosys Limited (Software & Services)

KOP - Korea South-East Power Co Ltd (Not Applic)

KOR - Korab Resources Limited (Materials)

KOV - Korvest Ltd (Capital Goods)

KP2 - Kore Potash Plc (Materials)

KPC - Kazakhstan Potash Corporation Limited (Materials)

KPE - Kina Petroleum Corporation (Energy)

KPG - Kelly Partners Group Holdings Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

KPO - Kalina Power Limited (Utilities)

KPT - Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Ltd (Materials)

KRM - Kingsrose Mining Limited (Materials)

KRR - King River Resources Limited (Materials)

KRS - Kresta Holdings Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

KSC - K & S Corporation Limited (Transportation)

KSL - Kina Securities Limited (Banks)

KSN - Kingston Resources Limited (Materials)

KSS - Kleos Space S.A (Commercial & Professional Services)

KTA - Krakatoa Resources Limited (Materials)

KTD - Keytone Dairy Corporation Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

KTE - K2 Energy Limited. (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

KTG - K-Tig Limited (Capital Goods)

KWR - Kingwest Resources Limited (Materials)

KYK - Kyckr Limited (Software & Services)

KZA - Kazia Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

KZR - Kalamazoo Resources Limited (Materials)

LAA - Latam Autos Limited (Media & Entertainment)

LAM - Laramide Resources Ltd (Energy)

LAU - Lindsay Australia Limited (Transportation)

LAW - Lawfinance Limited (Diversified Financials)

LBL - Laserbond Limited (Capital Goods)

LBT - Lbt Innovations Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

LC1 - Latitude Australia Personal Loans Series 2017-1 Trust (Not Applic)

LCD - Latitude Consolidated Limited (Materials)

LCE - London City Equities Limited (Diversified Financials)

LCK - Leigh Creek Energy Limited (Energy)

LCL - Los Cerros Limited (Materials)

LCM - Logicamms Limited (Capital Goods)

LCN - Latitude Australia Credit Card Loan Note Trust (Not Applic)

LCT - Living Cell Technologies Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

LCY - Legacy Iron Ore Limited (Materials)

LEG - Legend Mining Limited (Materials)

LEP - Ale Property Group (Real Estate)

LER - Leaf Resources Ltd (Materials)

LEX - Lefroy Exploration Limited (Materials)

LGP - Little Green Pharma Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

LGR - Lanka Graphite Limited (Materials)

LHB - Lionhub Group Limited (Real Estate)

LHM - Land & Homes Group Limited (Real Estate)

LI1 - Liberty Funding Pty Ltd In Respect Of Liberty Series 2017-4 (Not Applic)

LI2 - Liberty Funding Pty Ltd In Respect Of Liberty Series 2018-1 (Not Applic)

LI3 - Lithium Consolidated Limited (Materials)

LI4 - Liberty Funding Pty Ltd In Respect Of Liberty Series 2017-3 (Not Applic)

LI5 - Liberty Funding Pty Ltd In Respect Of The Liberty Series 201 (Not Applic)

LI6 - Liberty Funding Pty Ltd In Respect Of Liberty Series 2019-2 (Not Applic)

LIC - Lifestyle Communities Limited (Real Estate)

LIN - Lindian Resources Limited (Materials)

LIO - Lion Energy Limited (Energy)

LIT - Lithium Australia Nl (Materials)

LKE - Lake Resources N.L. (Materials)

LKO - Lakes Oil Nl (Energy)

LLC - Lendlease Group (Real Estate)

LLO - Lion One Metals Limited (Materials)

LLP - Lloyds Bank Plc (Not Applic)

LME - Limeade, Inc. (Software & Services)

LMG - Latrobe Magnesium Limited (Materials)

LML - Lincoln Minerals Limited (Materials)

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (Energy)

LNK - Link Administration Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

LNU - Linius Technologies Limited (Software & Services)

LNY - Laneway Resources Ltd (Materials)

LO1 - Lloyds Banking Group Plc (Not Applic)

LOM - Lucapa Diamond Company Limited (Materials)

LON - Longtable Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

LOT - Lotus Resources Limited (Materials)

LOV - Lovisa Holdings Limited (Retailing)

LPD - Lepidico Ltd (Materials)

LPE - Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited (Utilities)

LPI - Lithium Power International Limited (Materials)

LRM - Lustrum Minerals Ltd (Energy)

LRS - Latin Resources Limited (Materials)

LRT - Lowell Resources Fund (Not Applic)

LSA - Lachlan Star Limited (Materials)

LSF - L1 Long Short Fund Limited (Not Applic)

LSH - Lifespot Health Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

LSR - Lodestar Minerals Limited (Materials)

LSX - Lion Selection Group Limited. (Not Applic)

LT1 - La Trobe Financial Capital Markets Trust 2018-2 (Not Applic)

LT3 - La Trobe Financial Capital Markets Trust 2019-1 (Not Applic)

LT4 - La Trobe Financial Capital Markets Trust 2019-2 (Not Applic)

LTF - La Trobe Financial Capital Markets Trust 2018-1 (Not Applic)

LTR - Liontown Resources Limited (Materials)

LVE - Love Group Global Ltd (Software & Services)

LVH - Livehire Limited (Software & Services)

LVT - Livetiles Limited (Software & Services)

LYC - Lynas Corporation Limited (Materials)

LYL - Lycopodium Limited (Capital Goods)

M7T - Mach7 Technologies Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

M8S - M8 Sustainable Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

MA1 - Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

MAD - Mader Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

MAG - Magmatic Resources Limited (Materials)

MAH - Macmahon Holdings Limited (Materials)

MAI - Mainstream Group Holdings Limited (Diversified Financials)

MAM - Microequities Asset Management Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

MAN - Mandrake Resources Limited (Materials)

MAQ - Macquarie Telecom Group Limited (Telecommunication Services)

MAR - Malachite Resources Limited (Materials)

MAT - Matsa Resources Limited (Materials)

MAU - Magnetic Resources Nl (Materials)

MAX - Millinium'S Alternatives Fund. (Not Applic)

MAY - Melbana Energy Limited (Energy)

MBJ - Medallion Trust Series 2013-2 (Not Applic)

MBK - Metal Bank Limited (Materials)

MBL - Macquarie Bank Limited (Not Applic)

MBM - Mobecom Limited (Software & Services)

MCA - Murray Cod Australia Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

MCB - Mcb Resources Limited (Energy)

MCE - Matrix Composites & Engineering Limited (Energy)

MCM - Mc Mining Limited (Energy)

MCP - Mcpherson'S Limited (Household & Personal Products)

MCR - Mincor Resources Nl (Materials)

MCT - Metalicity Limited (Materials)

MCX - Mariner Corporation Limited (Diversified Financials)

MCY - Mercury Nz Limited (Utilities)

MDC - Medlab Clinical Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MDI - Middle Island Resources Limited (Materials)

MDR - Medadvisor Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MDX - Mindax Limited (Materials)

MDZ - Medallion Trust Series 2014-1 (Not Applic)

MEA - Mcgrath Limited (Real Estate)

MEB - Medibio Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MEC - Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Limited (Diversified Financials)

MED - Merlin Diamonds Limited (Materials)

MEI - Meteoric Resources Nl (Materials)

MEL - Metgasco Ltd (Energy)

MEM - Memphasys Limited. (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MEP - Minotaur Exploration Ltd (Materials)

MEQ - Metlifecare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MEU - Marmota Limited (Energy)

MEY - Marenica Energy Ltd (Energy)

MEZ - Meridian Energy Limited (Utilities)

MFD - Mayfield Childcare Limited (Consumer Services)

MFF - Mff Capital Investments Limited (Not Applic)

MFG - Magellan Financial Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

MGC - Mg Unit Trust (Not Applic)

MGG - Magellan Global Trust (Not Applic)

MGL - Magontec Limited (Materials)

MGR - Mirvac Group (Real Estate)

MGT - Magnetite Mines Limited. (Materials)

MGU - Magnum Mining And Exploration Limited (Materials)

MGV - Musgrave Minerals Limited (Materials)

MGX - Mount Gibson Iron Limited (Materials)

MGZ - Medigard Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MHC - Manhattan Corporation Limited (Energy)

MHD - Millennium Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

MHH - Magellan High Conviction Trust (Not Applic)

MHI - Merchant House International Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

MHJ - Michael Hill International Limited (Retailing)

MHK - Metal Hawk Limited (Materials)

MIH - Mnc Media Investment Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

MIL - Millennium Services Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

MIN - Mineral Resources Limited (Materials)

MIO - Macarthur Minerals Limited (Materials)

MIR - Mirrabooka Investments Limited (Not Applic)

MJC - Mejority Capital Limited (Diversified Financials)

MKG - Mako Gold Limited (Materials)

MLD - Maca Limited (Materials)

MLL - Mali Lithium Limited (Materials)

MLM - Metallica Minerals Limited (Materials)

MLS - Metals Australia Ltd (Materials)

MLT - Milton Corporation Limited (Not Applic)

MLX - Metals X Limited (Materials)

MME - Moneyme Limited (Diversified Financials)

MMI - Metro Mining Limited (Materials)

MMJ - Mmj Group Holdings Limited (Not Applic)

MML - Medusa Mining Limited (Materials)

MMM - Marley Spoon Ag (Consumer Services)

MMR - Mec Resources Limited (Energy)

MMS - Mcmillan Shakespeare Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

MNB - Minbos Resources Limited (Materials)

MND - Monadelphous Group Limited (Capital Goods)

MNF - Mnf Group Limited (Telecommunication Services)

MNS - Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd (Materials)

MNW - Mint Payments Limited (Software & Services)

MNY - Money3 Corporation Limited (Diversified Financials)

MOB - Mobilicom Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

MOC - Mortgage Choice Limited (Banks)

MOE - Moelis Australia Limited (Diversified Financials)

MOH - Moho Resources Limited (Materials)

MOQ - Moq Limited (Software & Services)

MOT - Mcp Income Opportunities Trust (Not Applic)

MOY - Millennium Minerals Limited (Materials)

MOZ - Mosaic Brands Limited (Retailing)

MP1 - Megaport Limited (Software & Services)

MPH - Mediland Pharm Limited (Retailing)

MPL - Medibank Private Limited (Insurance)

MPO - Molopo Energy Limited (Energy)

MPP - Metro Performance Glass Limited (Capital Goods)

MPR - Mpower Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

MPW - Msl Solutions Limited (Software & Services)

MPX - Mustera Property Group Limited (Real Estate)

MPZ - Medallion Trust Series 2014-1P (Not Applic)

MQG - Macquarie Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

MQR - Marquee Resources Limited (Materials)

MRC - Mineral Commodities Ltd (Materials)

MRD - Mount Ridley Mines Limited (Materials)

MRG - Murray River Organics Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

MRL - Mayur Resources Limited (Materials)

MRM - Mma Offshore Limited (Energy)

MRQ - Mrg Metals Limited (Materials)

MRR - Minrex Resources Limited (Materials)

MRV - Moreton Resources Ltd (Energy)

MRZ - Mont Royal Resources Limited (Materials)

MSB - Mesoblast Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MSE - Metalsearch Limited (Materials)

MSG - Mcs Services Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

MSI - Multistack International Limited (Capital Goods)

MSM - Msm Corporation International Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

MSR - Manas Resources Limited (Materials)

MSV - Mitchell Services Limited (Materials)

MTB - Mount Burgess Mining Nl (Materials)

MTC - Metalstech Limited (Materials)

MTH - Mithril Resources Limited (Materials)

MTL - Manalto Limited (Software & Services)

MTO - Motorcycle Holdings Limited (Retailing)

MTS - Metcash Limited (Food & Staples Retailing)

MVF - Monash Ivf Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MVP - Medical Developments International Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MVT - Mercantile Investment Company Ltd (Not Applic)

MWR - Mgm Wireless Limited (Media & Entertainment)

MWY - Midway Limited (Materials)

MX1 - Micro-X Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

MXC - Mgc Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MXI - Maxitrans Industries Limited (Capital Goods)

MXR - Maximus Resources Limited (Materials)

MXT - Mcp Master Income Trust (Not Applic)

MYE - Mastermyne Group Limited (Materials)

MYL - Myanmar Metals Limited (Materials)

MYQ - Myfiziq Limited (Software & Services)

MYR - Myer Holdings Limited (Retailing)

MYS - Mystate Limited (Banks)

MYX - Mayne Pharma Group Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

MZ1 - Medallion Trust Series 2017-1 (Not Applic)

MZ2 - Medallion Trust Series 2017-2 (Not Applic)

MZA - Medallion Trust Series 2015-1 (Not Applic)

MZC - Medallion Trust Series 2015-2 (Not Applic)

MZF - Medallion Trust Series 2016-1 (Not Applic)

MZI - Mzi Resources Ltd (Materials)

MZT - Medallion Trust Series 2016-2 (Not Applic)

MZZ - Matador Mining Limited (Materials)

N1H - N1 Holdings Limited (Banks)

NAB - National Australia Bank Limited (Banks)

NAC - Naos Ex-50 Opportunities Company Limited (Not Applic)

NAE - New Age Exploration Limited (Energy)

NAF - National Rmbs Trust 2011-1 Series 2011-1 (Not Applic)

NAG - Nagambie Resources Limited (Materials)

NAH - National Rmbs Trust 2012-2 Series 2012-2 (Not Applic)

NAJ - National Rmbs Trust 2015-1 Series 2015-1 (Not Applic)

NAM - Namoi Cotton Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

NAN - Nanosonics Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

NAO - National Rmbs Trust 2011-2 Series 2011-2 (Not Applic)

NBI - Nb Global Corporate Income Trust (Not Applic)

NC6 - Nanollose Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

NCC - Naos Emerging Opportunities Company Limited (Not Applic)

NCK - Nick Scali Limited (Retailing)

NCL - Netccentric Limited (Media & Entertainment)

NCM - Newcrest Mining Limited (Materials)

NCR - Nucoal Resources Limited (Materials)

NCZ - New Century Resources Limited (Materials)

NEA - Nearmap Ltd (Software & Services)

NEC - Nine Entertainment Co. Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

NES - Nelson Resources Limited. (Materials)

NET - Netlinkz Limited (Software & Services)

NEU - Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

NEW - New Energy Solar (Utilities)

NFI - National Housing Finance And Investment Corporation (Not Applic)

NFN - Nufarm Finance (Nz) Limited (Not Applic)

NGE - Nge Capital Limited (Not Applic)

NGI - Navigator Global Investments Limited (Diversified Financials)

NGY - Nuenergy Gas Limited (Energy)

NHC - New Hope Corporation Limited (Energy)

NHF - Nib Holdings Limited (Insurance)

NIB - Nordic Investment Bank (Not Applic)

NIC - Nickel Mines Limited (Materials)

NIU - Niuminco Group Limited (Materials)

NME - Nex Metals Exploration Limited (Materials)

NML - Navarre Minerals Limited (Materials)

NMT - Neometals Ltd (Materials)

NNW - 99 Wuxian Limited (Software & Services)

NOR - Norwood Systems Limited (Software & Services)

NOV - Novatti Group Limited (Software & Services)

NOX - Noxopharm Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

NRM - National Rmbs Trust 2016-1 (Not Applic)

NRO - National Rmbs Trust 2018-1 In Respect Of Series 2018-1 (Not Applic)

NSB - Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

NSC - Naos Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited (Not Applic)

NSE - New Standard Energy Limited (Energy)

NSR - National Storage Reit (Real Estate)

NST - Northern Star Resources Ltd (Materials)

NSX - Nsx Limited (Diversified Financials)

NTD - National Tyre & Wheel Limited (Retailing)

NTI - Neurotech International Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

NTL - New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (Materials)

NTM - Ntm Gold Limited (Materials)

NTO - Nitro Software Limited (Software & Services)

NTU - Northern Minerals Limited (Materials)

NUC - Nuchev Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

NUF - Nufarm Limited (Materials)

NUH - Nuheara Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

NUS - Nusantara Resources Limited (Materials)

NVA - Nova Minerals Limited (Materials)

NVL - National Veterinary Care Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

NVO - Nvoi Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

NVU - Nanoveu Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

NVX - Novonix Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

NWC - New World Resources Limited (Materials)

NWE - Norwest Energy Nl (Energy)

NWF - Newfield Resources Limited (Materials)

NWH - Nrw Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

NWL - Netwealth Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

NWM - Norwest Minerals Limited (Materials)

NWS - News Corporation.. (Media & Entertainment)

NXE - New Energy Minerals Ltd (Materials)

NXM - Nexus Minerals Limited (Materials)

NXS - Next Science Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

NXT - Nextdc Limited (Software & Services)

NYR - Nyrada Inc. (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

NZC - Nzuri Copper Limited (Materials)

NZK - New Zealand King Salmon Investments Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

NZM - Nzme Limited (Media & Entertainment)

NZS - New Zealand Coastal Seafoods Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

OAR - Oakdale Resources Limited (Materials)

OAU - Ora Gold Limited (Materials)

OBJ - Obj Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

OBM - Ora Banda Mining Ltd (Materials)

OCA - Oceania Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

OCC - Orthocell Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

OCL - Objective Corporation Limited (Software & Services)

ODA - Orcoda Limited (Software & Services)

ODM - Odin Metals Limited (Materials)

ODY - Odyssey Energy Limited (Energy)

OEC - Orbital Corporation Limited (Capital Goods)

OEL - Otto Energy Limited (Energy)

OEQ - Orion Equities Limited (Diversified Financials)

OEX - Oilex Ltd (Energy)

OFX - Ofx Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

OGA - Ocean Grown Abalone Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

OGC - Oceanagold Corporation (Materials)

OGX - Orinoco Gold Limited (Materials)

OIL - Optiscan Imaging Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

OKJ - Oakajee Corporation Limited (Materials)

OKR - Okapi Resources Limited (Materials)

OKU - Oklo Resources Limited (Materials)

OLH - Oldfields Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

OLI - Oliver'S Real Food Limited (Consumer Services)

OLL - Openlearning Limited (Class Pend)

OLV - Otherlevels Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

OMH - Om Holdings Limited (Materials)

OML - Ooh!Media Limited (Media & Entertainment)

ONE - Oneview Healthcare Plc (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ONT - 1300 Smiles Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

ONX - Orminex Ltd (Materials)

OOK - Ookami Limited (Software & Services)

OPC - Opticomm Ltd (Telecommunication Services)

OPH - Ophir High Conviction Fund (Not Applic)

OPL - Opyl Limited (Software & Services)

OPT - Opthea Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

OPY - Openpay Group Ltd (Diversified Financials)

ORA - Orora Limited (Materials)

ORE - Orocobre Limited (Materials)

ORG - Origin Energy Limited (Energy)

ORI - Orica Limited (Materials)

ORM - Orion Metals Limited (Materials)

ORN - Orion Minerals Ltd (Materials)

ORR - Orecorp Limited (Materials)

OSH - Oil Search Limited (Energy)

OSL - Oncosil Medical Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

OSP - Osprey Medical Inc (Health Care Equipment & Services)

OSX - Osteopore Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

OTW - Over The Wire Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

OVH - Onevue Holdings Limited (Diversified Financials)

OVL - Oro Verde Limited (Materials)

OVN - Oventus Medical Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

OVT - Ovato Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

OXX - Octanex Limited (Energy)

OZG - Ozgrowth Limited (Not Applic)

OZL - Oz Minerals Limited (Materials)

P2P - P2P Transport Limited (Transportation)

PAA - Pharmaust Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PAB - Patrys Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PAC - Pacific Current Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

PAF - Pm Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited (Not Applic)

PAI - Platinum Asia Investments Limited (Not Applic)

PAK - Pacific American Holdings Limited (Materials)

PAL - Palla Pharma Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PAN - Panoramic Resources Limited (Materials)

PAR - Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Limited.. (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PBH - Pointsbet Holdings Limited (Consumer Services)

PBP - Probiotec Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PBX - Pacific Bauxite Limited (Materials)

PCG - Pengana Capital Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

PCH - Property Connect Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

PCI - Perpetual Credit Income Trust (Not Applic)

PCK - Painchek Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PCL - Pancontinental Oil & Gas Nl (Energy)

PDI - Predictive Discovery Limited (Materials)

PDL - Pendal Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

PDN - Paladin Energy Ltd (Energy)

PDZ - Prairie Mining Limited (Materials)

PE1 - Pengana Private Equity Trust (Not Applic)

PEC - Perpetual Resources Limited (Materials)

PEK - Peak Resources Limited (Materials)

PEL - Pelican Resources Limited (Materials)

PEN - Peninsula Energy Limited (Energy)

PEP - Pepper I-Prime 2017-3 Trust (Not Applic)

PER - Pepper Residential Securities Trust No. 20 (Not Applic)

PES - Pepper Residential Securities Trust No. 21 (Not Applic)

PET - Phoslock Environmental Technologies Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

PEU - Pepper Residential Securities Trust No 22 (Not Applic)

PEX - Peel Mining Limited (Materials)

PFG - Prime Financial Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

PFP - Propel Funeral Partners Limited (Consumer Services)

PG1 - Pearl Global Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

PGC - Paragon Care Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PGF - Pm Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited (Not Applic)

PGG - Partners Group Global Income Fund (Not Applic)

PGH - Pact Group Holdings Ltd (Materials)

PGI - Panterra Gold Limited (Materials)

PGL - Prospa Group Limited. (Diversified Financials)

PGM - Platina Resources Limited (Materials)

PGR - The Pas Group Limited (Retailing)

PGX - Primero Group Limited (Capital Goods)

PGY - Pilot Energy Limited (Energy)

PIA - Pengana International Equities Limited (Not Applic)

PIC - Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

PIL - Peppermint Innovation Limited (Software & Services)

PIN - Pinchme.Com Inc. (Commercial & Professional Services)

PIO - Pioneer Resources Limited (Materials)

PIQ - Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PKD - Parkd Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

PKO - Peako Limited (Energy)

PKS - Pks Holdings Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PL8 - Plato Income Maximiser Limited. (Not Applic)

PLC - Plc Financial Solutions Limited (Diversified Financials)

PLL - Piedmont Lithium Ltd (Materials)

PLS - Pilbara Minerals Limited (Materials)

PLX - Pyrolyx Ag (Materials)

PM1 - Pure Minerals Limited (Materials)

PM8 - Pensana Rare Earths Plc (Materials)

PMC - Platinum Capital Limited (Not Applic)

PME - Pro Medicus Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PMV - Premier Investments Limited (Retailing)

PMY - Pacifico Minerals Limited (Materials)

PNC - Pioneer Credit Limited (Diversified Financials)

PNI - Pinnacle Investment Management Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

PNL - Paringa Resources Limited (Energy)

PNN - Pepinnini Lithium Limited (Materials)

PNR - Pantoro Limited (Materials)

PNV - Polynovo Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PNW - Pacific Star Network Limited (Media & Entertainment)

PNX - Pnx Metals Limited (Materials)

PO3 - Purifloh Limited (Utilities)

POD - Podium Minerals Limited (Materials)

POS - Poseidon Nickel Limited (Materials)

POT - Progress 2017-2 Trust (Not Applic)

POV - Progress 2018-1 Trust (Not Applic)

POW - Protean Energy Limited (Capital Goods)

POX - Progress 2019-1 Trust (Not Applic)

PPC - Peet Limited (Real Estate)

PPE - People Infrastructure Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

PPG - Pro-Pac Packaging Limited (Materials)

PPH - Pushpay Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

PPK - Ppk Group Limited (Capital Goods)

PPL - Pureprofile Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

PPS - Praemium Limited (Software & Services)

PPT - Perpetual Limited (Diversified Financials)

PPY - Papyrus Australia Limited (Materials)

PPZ - Places For People Treasury Plc (Not Applic)

PRM - Prominence Energy Nl (Energy)

PRN - Perenti Global Limited (Materials)

PRO - Prophecy International Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

PRT - Prime Media Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

PRU - Perseus Mining Limited (Materials)

PRX - Prodigy Gold Nl (Materials)

PRZ - Parazero Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

PSA - Petsec Energy Limited (Energy)

PSC - Prospect Resources Limited (Materials)

PSI - Psc Insurance Group Limited (Insurance)

PSL - Paterson Resources Ltd (Materials)

PSQ - Pacific Smiles Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

PSZ - Ps&C Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

PTB - Ptb Group Limited (Capital Goods)

PTL - Pental Limited (Household & Personal Products)

PTM - Platinum Asset Management Limited (Diversified Financials)

PTR - Petratherm Ltd (Materials)

PTX - Prescient Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PU1 - Pepper Residential Securities Trust No. 23 (Not Applic)

PU2 - Puma Series 2019-1 (Not Applic)

PUA - Pure Alumina Limited (Materials)

PUB - Puma Masterfund P-16 (Not Applic)

PUJ - Puma Series 2013-1 (Not Applic)

PUK - Puma Series 2014-1 (Not Applic)

PUO - Puma Series 2014-2 (Not Applic)

PUQ - Puma Series 2014-4P (Not Applic)

PUR - Pursuit Minerals Ltd (Materials)

PUS - Pepper Sparkz Trust No.1 (Not Applic)

PUU - Puma Series 2015-1 (Not Applic)

PUV - Puma Series 2015-3 (Not Applic)

PUZ - Puma Series 2017-1 (Not Applic)

PVE - Po Valley Energy Limited (Energy)

PVL - Powerhouse Ventures Limited (Diversified Financials)

PVS - Pivotal Systems Corporation (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

PWG - Primewest (Diversified Financials)

PWH - Pwr Holdings Limited (Automobiles & Components)

PWL - Powerwrap Limited (Diversified Financials)

PWN - Parkway Minerals Nl (Materials)

PXS - Pharmaxis Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PXX - Polarx Limited (Materials)

PYC - Pyc Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

PYG - Paygroup Limited (Software & Services)

QAN - Qantas Airways Limited (Transportation)

QBC - Quebec (Not Applic)

QBE - Qbe Insurance Group Limited (Insurance)

QEM - Qem Limited (Materials)

QFE - Quickfee Limited (Diversified Financials)

QFY - Quantify Technology Holdings Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

QGL - Quantum Graphite Limited (Materials)

QHL - Quickstep Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

QIP - Qantm Intellectual Property Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

QNB - Qnb Finance Ltd (Not Applic)

QPR - Quattro Plus Real Estate (Real Estate)

QRI - Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund (Not Applic)

QSS - Questus Limited (Real Estate)

QTG - Q Technology Group Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

QTM - Quantum Health Group Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

QUB - Qube Holdings Limited (Transportation)

QUE - Queste Communications Limited (Diversified Financials)

QVE - Qv Equities Limited (Not Applic)

R3D - R3D Global Limited (Media & Entertainment)

RAC - Race Oncology Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

RAG - Ragnar Metals Limited (Materials)

RAN - Range International Limited (Materials)

RAP - Resapp Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RBD - Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited (Consumer Services)

RBL - Redbubble Limited (Retailing)

RBR - Rbr Group Limited (Materials)

RBX - Resource Base Limited (Materials)

RCE - Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

RCL - Readcloud Limited (Software & Services)

RCP - Redbank Copper Limited (Materials)

RCT - Reef Casino Trust (Consumer Services)

RCW - Rightcrowd Limited (Software & Services)

RD1 - Registry Direct Limited (Software & Services)

RDA - Series 2010-2 Reds Trust (Not Applic)

RDC - Redcape Hotel Group (Consumer Services)

RDF - Redflex Holdings Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

RDG - Resource Development Group Limited (Materials)

RDH - Redhill Education Limited (Consumer Services)

RDM - Red Metal Limited (Materials)

RDN - Raiden Resources Limited (Materials)

RDS - Redstone Resources Limited (Materials)

RDY - Readytech Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

RE1 - Resa Group Limited (Real Estate)

REA - Rea Group Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

RED - Red 5 Limited (Materials)

REE - Rarex Limited (Materials)

REF - Reverse Corp Limited (Telecommunication Services)

REG - Regis Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

REH - Reece Limited (Capital Goods)

REK - Series 2010-1 Reds Trust (Not Applic)

RES - Resource Generation Limited (Energy)

REV - Real Estate Investar Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

REX - Regional Express Holdings Limited (Transportation)

REY - Rey Resources Limited (Energy)

REZ - Resources & Energy Group Limited (Materials)

RF1 - Regal Investment Fund (Not Applic)

RFB - Series 2012-1E Reds Trust (Not Applic)

RFC - Series 2017-1 Reds Trust (Not Applic)

RFE - Series 2018-1 Reds Trust (Not Applic)

RFF - Rural Funds Group (Real Estate)

RFG - Retail Food Group Limited (Consumer Services)

RFN - Reffind Limited (Software & Services)

RFR - Rafaella Resources Ltd. (Materials)

RFT - Rectifier Technologies Ltd (Capital Goods)

RFX - Redflow Limited (Capital Goods)

RGI - Roto-Gro International Limited (Capital Goods)

RGL - Riversgold Limited (Materials)

RGS - Regeneus Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

RHC - Ramsay Health Care Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RHI - Red Hill Iron Limited (Materials)

RHP - Rhipe Limited (Software & Services)

RHT - Resonance Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RHY - Rhythm Biosciences Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RIC - Ridley Corporation Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

RIE - Riedel Resources Limited (Materials)

RIM - Rimfire Pacific Mining Nl (Materials)

RIO - Rio Tinto Limited (Materials)

RKN - Reckon Limited (Software & Services)

RLC - Reedy Lagoon Corporation Limited (Materials)

RLE - Real Energy Corporation Limited (Energy)

RLG - Roolife Group Ltd (Software & Services)

RLT - Renergen Limited (Energy)

RMC - Resimac Group Ltd (Banks)

RMD - Resmed Inc (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RMG - Rmg Limited (Materials)

RMI - Resource Mining Corporation Limited (Materials)

RML - Resolution Minerals Ltd (Materials)

RMP - Red Emperor Resources Nl (Energy)

RMS - Ramelius Resources Limited (Materials)

RMT - Rma Energy Limited (Materials)

RMX - Red Mountain Mining Limited (Materials)

RMY - Rma Global Limited (Media & Entertainment)

RND - Rand Mining Limited (Materials)

RNE - Renu Energy Limited (Utilities)

RNL - Rision Limited (Software & Services)

RNO - Rhinomed Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

RNT - Rent.Com.Au Limited (Media & Entertainment)

RNU - Renascor Resources Limited (Energy)

RNX - Renegade Exploration Limited (Materials)

RNY - Rny Property Trust (Real Estate)

ROG - Red Sky Energy Limited. (Energy)

ROO - Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd (Capital Goods)

RPG - Raptis Group Limited (Real Estate)

RPM - Rpm Automotive Group Limited (Automobiles & Components)

RRL - Regis Resources Limited (Materials)

RSG - Resolute Mining Limited (Materials)

RSH - Respiri Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

RT1 - Resimac Triomphe Trust, Resimac Premier Series 2018-1 (Not Applic)

RT2 - Series 2018-1 Reds Ehp Trust (Not Applic)

RT9 - Resimac Bastille Trust Series 2017-1Nc (Not Applic)

RTC - Resimac Triomphe Trust Premier 2017-2 (Not Applic)

RTD - Resimac Bastille Trust In Respect Of Resimac Series 2018-1Nc (Not Applic)

RTE - Retech Technology Co., Limited (Consumer Services)

RTG - Rtg Mining Inc. (Materials)

RTR - Rumble Resources Limited (Materials)

RUB - Rubicor Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

RUL - Rpmglobal Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

RVR - Red River Resources Limited (Materials)

RVS - Revasum Inc. (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

RWC - Reliance Worldwide Corporation Limited (Capital Goods)

RWD - Reward Minerals Ltd (Materials)

RXH - Rewardle Holdings Limited (Media & Entertainment)

RXL - Rox Resources Limited (Materials)

RXM - Rex Minerals Limited (Materials)

RXP - Rxp Services Limited (Software & Services)

RYD - Ryder Capital Limited (Not Applic)

RZI - Raiz Invest Limited (Diversified Financials)

S2R - S2 Resources Ltd (Materials)

S32 - South32 Limited (Materials)

S66 - Star Combo Pharma Limited (Household & Personal Products)

SAC - Securitised Australian Mortgage Trust 2011-1 (Not Applic)

SAM - Siv Asset Management Limited (Diversified Financials)

SAN - Sagalio Energy Limited (Energy)

SAR - Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited (Materials)

SAS - Sky And Space Global Ltd (Telecommunication Services)

SAU - Southern Gold Limited (Materials)

SAZ - Smart Abs Series 2016-3 Trust (Not Applic)

SBI - Sterling Plantations Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

SBK - Suncorp-Metway Limited . (Insurance)

SBM - St Barbara Limited (Materials)

SBR - Sabre Resources Limited (Materials)

SBU - Siburan Resources Limited (Materials)

SBW - Shekel Brainweigh Ltd (Software & Services)

SCA - Scentre Group Trust 1 And Scentre Group Trust 2 (Not Applic)

SCD - Standard Chartered Plc (Not Applic)

SCG - Scentre Group (Real Estate)

SCI - Silver City Minerals Limited (Materials)

SCL - Schrole Group Ltd (Software & Services)

SCN - Scorpion Minerals Limited (Materials)

SCP - Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group (Real Estate)

SCT - Scout Security Limited (Consumer Services)

SCU - Stemcell United Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

SCW - Scentre Group Trust 1 (Real Estate)

SDA - Speedcast International Limited (Telecommunication Services)

SDF - Steadfast Group Limited (Insurance)

SDG - Sunland Group Limited (Real Estate)

SDI - Sdi Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SDL - Sundance Resources Limited (Materials)

SDV - Scidev Ltd (Materials)

SDX - Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

SE1 - Sensera Limited (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

SEC - Spheria Emerging Companies Limited (Not Applic)

SEI - Speciality Metals International Limited (Materials)

SEK - Seek Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

SEN - Senetas Corporation Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SEQ - Sequoia Financial Group Ltd (Diversified Financials)

SER - Strategic Energy Resources Limited (Materials)

SES - Secos Group Ltd (Materials)

SF1 - Stemify Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SFC - Schaffer Corporation Limited (Automobiles & Components)

SFG - Seafarms Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

SFM - Santa Fe Minerals Ltd (Materials)

SFR - Sandfire Resources Limited (Materials)

SFV - Santos Finance Limited (Not Applic)

SFX - Sheffield Resources Limited (Materials)

SFY - Spdr S&P/Asx 50 Fund (Not Applic)

SGC - Sacgasco Limited (Energy)

SGF - Sg Fleet Group Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

SGH - Slater & Gordon Limited (Consumer Services)

SGI - Stealth Global Holdings Ltd (Capital Goods)

SGL - Ricegrowers Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

SGM - Sims Limited (Materials)

SGO - Stream Group Limited (Software & Services)

SGP - Stockland (Real Estate)

SGQ - St George Mining Limited (Materials)

SGR - The Star Entertainment Group Limited (Consumer Services)

SHE - Stonehorse Energy Limited (Energy)

SHH - Shree Minerals Limited (Materials)

SHJ - Shine Corporate Ltd (Consumer Services)

SHK - Stone Resources Australia Limited (Materials)

SHL - Sonic Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SHM - Shriro Holdings Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

SHO - Sportshero Limited (Media & Entertainment)

SHV - Select Harvests Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

SHZ - Shinhan Bank. (Not Applic)

SI6 - Six Sigma Metals Limited (Materials)

SIG - Sigma Healthcare Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SIH - Sihayo Gold Limited (Materials)

SIL - Smiles Inclusive Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SIO - Simonds Group Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

SIQ - Smartgroup Corporation Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

SIS - Simble Solutions Limited (Software & Services)

SIT - Site Group International Limited (Consumer Services)

SIV - Siv Capital Limited (Capital Goods)

SIX - Sprintex Limited (Automobiles & Components)

SKC - Skycity Entertainment Group Limited (Consumer Services)

SKF - Skyfii Ltd (Software & Services)

SKI - Spark Infrastructure Group (Utilities)

SKN - Skin Elements Limited (Household & Personal Products)

SKO - Serko Limited (Software & Services)

SKT - Sky Network Television Limited. (Media & Entertainment)

SKY - Sky Metals Limited (Materials)

SL1 - Symbol Mining Limited (Materials)

SLC - Superloop Limited (Telecommunication Services)

SLF - Spdr S&P/Asx 200 Listed Property Fund (Not Applic)

SLK - Sealink Travel Group Limited (Consumer Services)

SLM - Salmat Limited (Media & Entertainment)

SLR - Silver Lake Resources Limited (Materials)

SLX - Silex Systems Limited (Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment)

SLZ - Sultan Resources Ltd (Materials)

SM1 - Synlait Milk Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

SM8 - Smart Marine Systems Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SM9 - Smart Abs Series 2019-1 Trust (Not Applic)

SMC - Strategic Minerals Corporation Nl (Materials)

SMD - Syndicated Metals Limited (Materials)

SMG - Soon Mining Limited (Materials)

SMI - Santana Minerals Limited (Materials)

SMN - Structural Monitoring Systems Plc (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SMP - Smartpay Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

SMR - Stanmore Coal Limited (Energy)

SMX - Security Matters Limited (Software & Services)

SNC - Sandon Capital Investments Limited (Not Applic)

SND - Saunders International Limited (Capital Goods)

SNL - Supply Network Limited (Retailing)

SNS - Sensen Networks Limited (Software & Services)

SNZ - Summerset Group Holdings Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SO4 - Salt Lake Potash Limited (Materials)

SOL - Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited (Energy)

SOM - Somnomed Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SOP - Synertec Corporation Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

SOR - Strategic Elements Limited (Diversified Financials)

SP3 - Spectur Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SPK - Spark New Zealand Limited (Telecommunication Services)

SPL - Starpharma Holdings Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

SPQ - Superior Resources Limited (Materials)

SPT - Splitit Payments Ltd (Software & Services)

SPW - Sapphire Xxi Series 2019-1 Trust (Not Applic)

SPX - Spectrum Metals Limited (Materials)

SPZ - Smart Parking Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

SRG - Srg Global Limited (Capital Goods)

SRH - Saferoads Holdings Limited (Transportation)

SRI - Sipa Resources Limited (Materials)

SRK - Strike Resources Limited (Materials)

SRN - Surefire Resources Nl (Materials)

SRV - Servcorp Limited (Real Estate)

SRY - Story-I Limited (Retailing)

SRZ - Stellar Resources Limited (Materials)

SS6 - Smart Abs Series 2016-1 Trust (Not Applic)

SS7 - Smart Abs Series 2017-2 Trust (Not Applic)

SSF - Smart Abs Series 2017-1 Trust (Not Applic)

SSG - Shaver Shop Group Limited (Retailing)

SSL - Sietel Limited (Real Estate)

SSM - Service Stream Limited (Capital Goods)

SSN - Samson Oil & Gas Limited (Energy)

SST - Steamships Trading Company Limited (Capital Goods)

ST1 - Spirit Telecom Limited (Telecommunication Services)

STA - Strandline Resources Limited (Materials)

STC - Sinetech Limited (Software & Services)

STG - Straker Translations Limited (Media & Entertainment)

STM - Sunstone Metals Ltd (Materials)

STN - Saturn Metals Limited (Materials)

STO - Santos Limited (Energy)

STW - Spdr S&P/Asx 200 Fund (Not Applic)

STX - Strike Energy Limited (Energy)

SUD - Suda Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

SUH - Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited (Materials)

SUL - Super Retail Group Limited (Retailing)

SUN - Suncorp Group Limited (Insurance)

SUP - Superior Lake Resources Limited (Materials)

SVA - Simavita Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

SVD - Scandivanadium Ltd (Materials)

SVH - Silver Heritage Group Limited (Consumer Services)

SVL - Silver Mines Limited (Materials)

SVM - Sovereign Metals Limited (Materials)

SVS - Sunvest Corporation Limited (Not Applic)

SVW - Seven Group Holdings Limited (Capital Goods)

SVY - Stavely Minerals Limited (Materials)

SW1 - Swift Media Limited (Media & Entertainment)

SWF - Selfwealth Limited (Diversified Financials)

SWK - Swick Mining Services Ltd (Materials)

SWM - Seven West Media Limited (Media & Entertainment)

SXA - Strata-X Energy Limited (Energy)

SXB - Smart Abs Series 2015-4E Trust (Not Applic)

SXE - Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Ltd (Capital Goods)

SXL - Southern Cross Media Group Limited (Media & Entertainment)

SXX - Southern Cross Exploration N.L. (Materials)

SXY - Senex Energy Limited (Energy)

SYA - Sayona Mining Limited (Materials)

SYD - Sydney Airport (Transportation)

SYR - Syrah Resources Limited (Materials)

SYS - Syngas Limited (Energy)

SYT - Syntonic Limited (Software & Services)

SZL - Sezzle Inc. (Diversified Financials)

T3D - 333D Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

TAH - Tabcorp Holdings Limited (Consumer Services)

TAM - Tanami Gold Nl (Materials)

TAO - Tao Commodities Ltd (Materials)

TAP - Tap Oil Limited (Energy)

TAR - Taruga Minerals Limited (Materials)

TAS - Tasman Resources Ltd (Materials)

TBL - Tambla Limited (Software & Services)

TBR - Tribune Resources Limited (Materials)

TCL - Transurban Group (Transportation)

TCN - Techniche Limited. (Software & Services)

TCO - Transmetro Corporation Limited (Consumer Services)

TD1 - Tali Digital Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

TDI - 360 Capital Digital Infrastructure Fund (Not Applic)

TDL - Tbg Diagnostics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

TDO - 3D Oil Limited (Energy)

TDY - Thedocyard Limited (Software & Services)

TEG - Triangle Energy (Global) Limited (Energy)

TEK - Thorney Technologies Ltd (Not Applic)

TER - Terracom Limited (Energy)

TES - Test Security (Class Pend)

TFL - Tasfoods Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

TGA - Thorn Group Limited (Retailing)

TGF - Tribeca Global Natural Resources Limited (Not Applic)

TGG - Templeton Global Growth Fund Limited (Not Applic)

TGH - Terragen Holdings Limited (Materials)

TGM - Theta Gold Mines Limited (Materials)

TGN - Tungsten Mining Nl (Materials)

TGO - Trimantium Growthops Limited (Software & Services)

TGP - 360 Capital Group (Real Estate)

TGR - Tassal Group Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

THC - Thc Global Group Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

THD - Thred Limited (Media & Entertainment)

THR - Thor Mining Plc (Materials)

TIA - Tian An Australia Limited (Real Estate)

TIE - Tietto Minerals Limited (Materials)

TIG - Tigers Realm Coal Limited (Materials)

TIN - Tnt Mines Limited (Materials)

TIP - Teaminvest Private Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

TKF - Tikforce Limited (Software & Services)

TKL - Traka Resources Limited (Materials)

TKM - Trek Metals Limited (Materials)

TLG - Talga Resources Ltd (Materials)

TLM - Talisman Mining Limited (Materials)

TLS - Telstra Corporation Limited. (Telecommunication Services)

TLT - Tilt Renewables Limited. (Utilities)

TLX - Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

TMG - Trigg Mining Ltd. (Materials)

TMK - Tamaska Oil And Gas Ltd (Energy)

TML - Timah Resources Limited (Utilities)

TMR - Tempus Resources Ltd (Materials)

TMT - Technology Metals Australia Limited (Materials)

TMX - Terrain Minerals Limited (Materials)

TMZ - Thomson Resources Limited (Materials)

TNA - Tartana Resources Limited (Class Pend)

TNB - Torrens Series 2013-1 Trust (Not Applic)

TNE - Technology One Limited (Software & Services)

TNF - Torrens Series 2013-2 Trust (Not Applic)

TNG - Tng Limited (Materials)

TNH - Torrens Series 2014-1 Trust (Not Applic)

TNJ - Torrens Series 2015-1 Trust (Not Applic)

TNK - Think Childcare Group (Consumer Services)

TNP - Triple Energy Limited (Energy)

TNR - Torian Resources Limited (Materials)

TNT - Tesserent Limited (Software & Services)

TNY - Tinybeans Group Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

TOE - Toro Energy Limited (Energy)

TOM - Tomizone Limited (Telecommunication Services)

TON - Triton Minerals Ltd (Materials)

TOP - Thorney Opportunities Ltd (Not Applic)

TOT - 360 Capital Reit (Not Applic)

TOU - Tlou Energy Limited (Energy)

TOZ - Torrens Series 2014-2 Trust (Not Applic)

TPC - Tpc Consolidated Limited (Utilities)

TPD - Talon Petroleum Limited (Energy)

TPM - Tpg Telecom Limited (Telecommunication Services)

TPO - Tian Poh Resources Limited (Materials)

TPP - Tempo Australia Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

TPS - Threat Protect Australia Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

TPW - Temple & Webster Group Ltd (Retailing)

TRA - Turners Automotive Group Limited (Retailing)

TRL - Tanga Resources Limited (Materials)

TRM - Truscott Mining Corporation Limited (Materials)

TRS - The Reject Shop Limited (Retailing)

TRT - Todd River Resources Limited (Materials)

TRY - Troy Resources Limited (Materials)

TSC - Twenty Seven Co. Limited (Energy)

TSL - Titanium Sands Limited (Materials)

TSO - Tesoro Resources Limited (Retailing)

TT1 - Triton Trust No. 8 In Respect Of The Bond Series 2019-2 (Not Applic)

TT7 - Triton Trust No.7 In Respect Of The Bond Series 2017-2 (Not Applic)

TT9 - Triton Trust No. 8 In Respect Of Bond Series 2018-1 (Not Applic)

TTA - Tta Holdings Limited (Retailing)

TTB - Total Brain Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

TTI - Traffic Technologies Ltd. (Transportation)

TTL - Transcendence Technologies Limited (Software & Services)

TTM - Titan Minerals Limited (Materials)

TTT - Titomic Limited (Materials)

TTZ - Torrens Series 2016-1 Trust (Not Applic)

TV2 - Tv2U International Limited (Software & Services)

TWD - Tamawood Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

TWE - Treasury Wine Estates Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

TWR - Tower Limited (Insurance)

TYM - Tymlez Group Limited (Software & Services)

TYR - Tyro Payments Limited (Software & Services)

TYX - Tyranna Resources Limited (Materials)

TZL - Tz Limited (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

TZN - Terramin Australia Limited. (Materials)

UBI - Universal Biosensors Inc. (Health Care Equipment & Services)

UBN - Urbanise.Com Limited (Software & Services)

UCM - Uscom Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

UCW - Ucw Limited (Consumer Services)

UNL - United Networks Limited (Telecommunication Services)

UNV - Universal Coal Plc (Energy)

UOS - United Overseas Australia Limited (Real Estate)

URF - Us Masters Residential Property Fund (Real Estate)

URW - Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (Real Estate)

UTR - Ultracharge Limited (Capital Goods)

UUL - Ultima United Limited (Real Estate)

UUV - Uuv Aquabotix Ltd (Capital Goods)

UWL - Uniti Group Limited (Telecommunication Services)

VAH - Virgin Australia Holdings Limited (Transportation)

VAL - Valor Resources Limited (Materials)

VAN - Vango Mining Limited (Materials)

VAR - Variscan Mines Limited (Materials)

VBS - Vectus Biosystems Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

VCD - Vicinity Centres Trust (Not Applic)

VCX - Vicinity Centres (Real Estate)

VEA - Viva Energy Group Limited (Energy)

VEC - Vector Resources Limited (Materials)

VEE - Veem Ltd (Capital Goods)

VEN - Vintage Energy Ltd (Energy)

VG1 - Vgi Partners Global Investments Limited (Not Applic)

VG8 - Vgi Partners Asian Investments Limited (Not Applic)

VGI - Vgi Partners Limited (Diversified Financials)

VGL - Vista Group International Limited. (Software & Services)

VHT - Volpara Health Technologies Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

VIA - Viagold Capital Limited (Materials)

VIC - Victory Mines Limited (Materials)

VIG - Victor Group Holdings Limited (Software & Services)

VII - Vietnam Industrial Investments Limited (Materials)

VIP - Vip Gloves Ltd (Health Care Equipment & Services)

VIV - Vivid Technology Limited (Capital Goods)

VKA - Viking Mines Limited (Materials)

VLS - Vita Life Sciences Limited.. (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

VLT - Vault Intelligence Limited (Software & Services)

VMC - Venus Metals Corporation Limited (Materials)

VMG - Vdm Group Limited (Capital Goods)

VML - Vital Metals Limited (Materials)

VMS - Venture Minerals Limited (Materials)

VMT - Vmoto Limited (Automobiles & Components)

VMX - Valmec Limited (Energy)

VMY - Vimy Resources Limited (Energy)

VN8 - Vonex Limited.. (Telecommunication Services)

VOC - Vocus Group Limited (Telecommunication Services)

VOL - Victory Offices Limited (Real Estate)

VOR - Vortiv Limited (Software & Services)

VP7 - Velocity Property Group Limited (Real Estate)

VPC - Vpcl Ltd (Not Applic)

VPG - Vodafone Group Plc. (Not Applic)

VPR - Volt Power Group Limited (Utilities)

VR1 - Vection Technologies Ltd (Software & Services)

VR8 - Vanadium Resources Limited (Materials)

VRC - Volt Resources Limited (Materials)

VRL - Village Roadshow Limited (Media & Entertainment)

VRS - Veris Limited (Commercial & Professional Services)

VRT - Virtus Health Limited (Health Care Equipment & Services)

VRX - Vrx Silica Limited (Materials)

VTG - Vita Group Limited (Retailing)

VTH - Vitalharvest Freehold Trust (Real Estate)

VTI - Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (Health Care Equipment & Services)

VUK - Virgin Money Uk Plc (Banks)

VUL - Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Materials)

VVA - Viva Leisure Limited (Consumer Services)

VVR - Viva Energy Reit (Real Estate)

VXR - Venturex Resources Limited (Materials)

VYS - Vysarn Limited (Materials)

WAA - Wam Active Limited (Not Applic)

WAF - West African Resources Limited (Materials)

WAM - Wam Capital Limited (Not Applic)

WAT - Waterco Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

WAX - Wam Research Limited (Not Applic)

WBC - Westpac Banking Corporation (Banks)

WBE - Whitebark Energy Ltd (Energy)

WBT - Weebit Nano Ltd (Technology Hardware & Equipment)

WCN - White Cliff Minerals Limited (Materials)

WE1 - Series 2019-1 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WEB - Webjet Limited (Retailing)

WEC - White Energy Company Limited (Energy)

WEF - Wea Finance Llc And Westfield Uk & Europe Finance Plc (Not Applic)

WEH - Wea Finance Llc (Not Applic)

WEJ - Series 2015-1 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WEK - Series 2014-2 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WEL - Winchester Energy Ltd (Energy)

WEN - Westfield Uk & Europe Finance Plc (Not Applic)

WES - Wesfarmers Limited (Retailing)

WFE - Winmar Resources Limited (Materials)

WGB - Wam Global Limited (Not Applic)

WGN - Wagners Holding Company Limited (Materials)

WGO - Warrego Energy Limited (Energy)

WGX - Westgold Resources Limited. (Materials)

WHA - Wattle Health Australia Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

WHC - Whitehaven Coal Limited (Energy)

WHF - Whitefield Limited (Not Applic)

WHK - Whitehawk Limited (Retailing)

WIC - Westoz Investment Company Limited (Not Applic)

WJA - Wameja Limited (Software & Services)

WKT - Walkabout Resources Ltd (Materials)

WLC - Wollongong Coal Limited (Materials)

WLD - Wellard Limited (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

WLE - Wam Leaders Limited (Not Applic)

WLF - Wolf Minerals Limited (Materials)

WMI - Wam Microcap Limited (Not Applic)

WML - Woomera Mining Limited (Materials)

WNB - Wellness And Beauty Solutions Limited (Consumer Services)

WND - Windlab Limited (Utilities)

WNR - Wingara Ag Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

WNS - World.Net Services Limited (Software & Services)

WOA - Wide Open Agriculture Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

WOR - Worley Limited (Energy)

WOW - Woolworths Group Limited (Food & Staples Retailing)

WPL - Woodside Petroleum Ltd (Energy)

WPP - Wpp Aunz Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

WQG - Wcm Global Growth Limited (Not Applic)

WRM - White Rock Minerals Limited (Materials)

WSA - Western Areas Limited (Materials)

WSD - Series 2013-2 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WSI - Weststar Industrial Limited (Materials)

WSJ - Series 2011-2 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WSN - Series 2011-3 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WSO - Series 2012-1 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WSP - Whispir Limited (Software & Services)

WSQ - Series 2013-1 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WSZ - Series 2014-1 Wst Trust (Not Applic)

WTC - Wisetech Global Limited (Software & Services)

WTL - Wt Financial Group Limited (Diversified Financials)

WWG - Wiseway Group Limited (Transportation)

WWI - West Wits Mining Limited (Materials)

WZR - Wisr Limited (Diversified Financials)

XAM - Xanadu Mines Ltd (Materials)

XCD - Xcd Energy Limited (Energy)

XCL - Australian Commonwealth Government Loans (Not Applic)

XF1 - Xref Limited (Software & Services)

XPD - Xpd Soccer Gear Group Limited (Consumer Durables & Apparel)

XPE - Xped Limited (Software & Services)

XPL - Xplore Wealth Limited (Diversified Financials)

XQL - Queensland Treasury Corporation (Not Applic)

XRF - Xrf Scientific Limited (Capital Goods)

XRO - Xero Limited (Software & Services)

XST - Xstate Resources Limited (Energy)

XTC - Xantippe Resources Limited (Materials)

XTD - Xtd Ltd (Media & Entertainment)

XTE - Xtek Limited. (Capital Goods)

XVG - Treasury Corporation Of Victoria (Not Applic)

YAL - Yancoal Australia Limited (Energy)

YBR - Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited (Banks)

YOJ - Yojee Limited (Software & Services)

YOW - Yowie Group Ltd (Food, Beverage & Tobacco)

YPB - Ypb Group Ltd (Commercial & Professional Services)

YRL - Yandal Resources Limited (Materials)

Z1P - Zip Co Limited. (Diversified Financials)

ZEL - Z Energy Limited. (Energy)

ZEN - Zenith Energy Limited (Utilities)

ZER - Zeta Resources Limited (Not Applic)

ZEU - Zeus Resources Limited (Energy)

ZGL - Zicom Group Limited (Capital Goods)

ZIM - Zimplats Holdings Limited (Materials)

ZIP - Ziptel Limited (Telecommunication Services)

ZLD - Zelira Therapeutics Limited (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences)

ZMI - Zinc Of Ireland Nl (Materials)

ZNC - Zenith Minerals Limited (Materials)

ZNO - Zoono Group Limited (Materials)

ZOR - Ordinary (Unlisted/Listed - Cosacs) (Not Applic)

ZYB - Zyber Holdings Ltd (Software & Services)